How to Get Your Child Started in Soccer

Introducing your child to sports at an early age is an excellent way to encourage good health and a positive attitude. Children can learn many essential life skills when working as a team to meet a common goal. 

When considering which sport your child should play, soccer is one of the best options for small children. It helps even the youngest players transform their newly-achieved gross motor skills into fine motor skills. These skills include better overall balance, good foot-eye coordination, and the ability to judge their speed.

If you have an active little one who is beginning to show interest in sports, you may be excited to learn more about starting your child in soccer. Here are a few useful tips to help you make the best decision for your child.

Beginner Youth Soccer Leagues in the US

i9 Sports® offers youth soccer leagues for various age groups that allow players to build their skills and develop a mastery of fundamentals in soccer. Our youth soccer curriculum is made up of drills and gameplay designed for each specific age level. The three youth soccer league groups available for one-day-a-week sessions are PeeWees, Juniors, and Seniors

Beginner Soccer Leagues for Toddlers and Kids Ages 3 – 6

The Pee-Wee soccer program for preschool and early elementary age children includes soccer drills that are fun and designed to keep up with little ones’ short attention span. The instruction is focused on basic soccer skills like the proper way to kick and the fundamentals of the game.

Beginner Soccer Leagues for Kids Ages 7 – 9

The Juniors soccer program is ideal for children who are playing soccer for the first time or those who want to refine their skills. This program’s curriculum helps develop age-appropriate soccer skills, focusing on controlling the ball and field position. Kids learn how to successfully control the ball, shoot a goal with accuracy, dribble, and effective passing strategies. 

Beginner Soccer Leagues for Kids Over the Age of 10

The Seniors soccer programs offer a refresher on soccer fundamentals while helping players refine their skills to work more accurately with game strategy. Activities focus on improving motor skills and cognitive development. Senior athletes have increased capacity to solve problems. So, even if they are new to soccer, they will quickly learn to apply both basic and more complex aspects of the game.

Our youth soccer programs offer the right developmentally appropriate level of training and experience, providing children with everything they need to succeed on the field.

Soccer Classes for Beginning Soccer Players

 Some parents think their child needs to be in soccer classes to learn the fundamentals before they join a team – but that’s not true with i9 Sports®. Our soccer leagues are designed to have soccer practice right before the games, so it’s only a once a week commitment. And kids learn the skills they need for the game through the practice before. When your child is ready to jump into learning soccer, i9 Sports® can match them with a team where they can learn and grow through practice and playing.

How to Encourage Kids to Play Soccer at an Early Age

When it comes to soccer, the amount of encouragement needed to get started can vary from one child to the next. Children who are outgoing and social may not need as much encouragement as a child who is more shy and doesn’t have as much experience with team sports.

If your child genuinely wants to play soccer but lacks confidence, do what you can to help build them up. Remind your child to always focus on doing their best and to not fear failure. Emphasize that winning isn’t everything. Being a part of a team is about having fun, making new friends, learning new skills, and working alongside others.

If you have concerns about your child being tentative in social situations, placing them in an introductory sports program could help. New players can pick up necessary soccer skills while providing parents with a clearer idea of whether they should move forward and register their child in a local youth soccer league or try out a different sport instead.

i9 Sports® is the largest multi-sport provider in the nation. We focus on community-based youth sports leagues, camps, and clinics for boys and girls ages 3 and up. Search for a program near you to sign your child up today!