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Programming for our sports leagues for kids in the Senior age group is an important focus of our sport curriculum. Research shows that the number one reason kids play sports is to have fun. It is not surprising then, that the number one reason they quit playing is because they stop enjoying it.  i9 Sports® is committed to changing that.

Sports are a valuable tool for teaching young people the skills necessary to succeed in life.  Values like teamwork, leadership, humility and respect are important on the field and off. Our sports leagues for kids the Senior age group teach these important lessons while also developing their skills and growing as an athlete. Of course, making sure they are having fun is our top priority!  

Learn more about our sports leagues for kids in the Senior age group. We provide more detail on how players in our oldest age group learn best, how we tailor our instruction to meet their needs and what they will learn.

How They Learn

Kids in the senior age group have developed mature fundamental skills as well as the capacity for a more detailed understanding of the game. Cognitive skills are quite advanced for players in this age group. This allows for more abstract thought (if a player does “X”, then I should do “Y”). Senior athletes have increased capacity to solve problems. They can learn and apply both basic and more complex aspects of the game.  While their memory and attention span are improving, it is important to allow them to further develop their concentration and perseverance. Giving them opportunities to practice singular drills for specific positions is vital.

Sports Leagues for Kids in the Senior Age Group​

How We Teach

Youth flag football player in the Senior Age Group​

The instruction plan for our sports leagues for the Senior age group focuses on two key things. First, we help players develop a high level of comfort with the sport. Activities are fast-paced and designed to capitalize on the higher capabilities of kids in this age group. There is full integration of team play at this level. Our coaches and instructors increase the complexity of drills and teams run more complex plays. Second, we provide opportunities to master individual skills. Because of the increased awareness of differences in talent level among players of this age, emphasis is placed on helping each player make the most of his/her individual abilities. 

While the level of competition is higher in our Senior age group, the i9 Sports staff ensures practices are fun and games center around a healthy, age-appropriate framework. In recognition of their higher level of maturity, we provide kids in our Senior age group with opportunities to develop their leadership skills (such as leading warm ups) and communication skills as they learn to work together as a team. 

What They Will Learn

By the end of the season, kids in our sports leagues for the Senior age group should be able to demonstrate a greater mastery of the game. This includes both knowledge and application of sport fundamentals. With improved skill level comes a higher degree of self-confidence in individual capabilities as well as one’s place as a team member. In addition to enhanced physical abilities, kids in the Senior age group also show improvement in their cognitive awareness. They learn to make individual and team decisions under time pressure and to anticipate the offensive and defensive strategies of their competitors.

As with all age groups, we emphasize and recognize sportsmanship values such as humility, determination, and respect among our Senior players. One of our main goals for our oldest age group is to teach kids how to be leaders of good character, not just on game day. We want them to take the lessons they’ve learned on the field and apply them in the classroom, in their homes, and beyond.

Sports Leagues for Kids in the Senior Age Group​

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