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 In our sports leagues for kids in the Pee Wee age group, we focus on how much fun we can make it for the kids and how easy we can make it for the parents. Starting at age 3, our Pee Wee sport curriculum is designed to grow with your child teaching sport skills and game play. Each week, players also learn sportsmanship values like respect and integrity – one of the nine i’s that make us who we are.

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Summer Camps for Pee Wee Aged Kids

Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports are developed for kids ages 5 – 12, with a unique multi-sport curriculum. Kids get to play and discover flag football, soccer, basketball and more, all while playing outside and making new friends.  Each camp continues the strong focus on sportsmanship and core values that i9 Sports is known for. Find out more about Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports today!

How They Learn

Whether kids are experiencing youth sports for the first time or returning for another season, players at this age tend to be more “me-oriented” and playing as a team is a new concept. Kids in the Pee Wee age group are just starting to develop hand-eye coordination and a sense of balance. For these reasons, our youngest athletes learn best through activities that enable self-discovery, include visual and auditory clues, and help develop basic motor skills (i.e., jump with two feet, kick a ball into the net, etc.). Simple practices like counting points together during activities help them begin working as a team. Pee Wees have limited attention spans and need short instructions using simple words that they understand. We also integrate fun activities designed to get their attention and keep things moving (i.e. animal references, short games, car noises, etc.).

a pee wee age group baseball player in red hat and grey jersey shows off his sportsmanship medal holding it in two hands.

How We Teach

Female pee wee age group youth soccer player runs after the soccer ball during a game as three defenders chase after her

The goal of the i9 Sports Pee Wee age group instruction plan is to create well-rounded and confident players by focusing on the development of core skills in a fun, engaging way. For this age group, our coaches and instructors lead drills that target the improvement of large and fine motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Pee Wee activities and games keep kids in constant motion by giving them opportunities to use specific skills in fun exercises and activities. While practice plans vary week to week, basic skills are repeated so players learn the fundamentals of the sport.

A signature of i9 Sports programs is that learning doesn’t stop once the game starts! Players learn the sport through teachable moments during game play. Officials and staff take time to explain the rules so our young players become comfortable with structured play. We make an effort to give each child equal playing time. Since we practice player rotation, they also get a chance to play various positions on offense and defense.

What They Will Learn

By the end of the season, your child should have learned the basic skills of the sport (i.e., how to kick, catch, run, shoot, throw, etc.) as well as the game rules. Since every child develops at a different pace, some players may have a better mental understanding of the game, while others might show enhanced physical abilities. This is completely normal.

Our sports leagues for the pee wee age group are also designed to teach the principles of good sportsmanship, being part of a team, and increase self-confidence. These are vital life tools that will help your child on and off the field. In the end, our number one goal is for your child to have fun!

pee wee age group male flag football player raises both arms in celebration of scoring a touchdown as a referee looks on and a teammate walks away.

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