Youth Soccer Leagues & Programs For Kids Ages 3 - 14

i9 Sports® youth soccer leagues for kids are fun, convenient and close to home!

In i9 Sports youth soccer leagues, young players are introduced to the sport of soccer while more experienced players learn to improve their skills. Through age-appropriate, fun practice plans, kids learn the fundamentals of soccer including dribbling, passing, shooting, and for players who prefer to use their hands, goalkeeping. As an athlete progresses through our one-day-a-week youth soccer program, they develop basic technique and ball handling to more complex offensive and defensive plays.

As a national leader in raising safety awareness in youth sports, i9 Sports youth soccer programs stand out from other soccer leagues. i9 Sports is unique in that we focus on concussion safety. We have a strict no heading policy in our youth soccer leagues to help protect the safety of young athletes. This change in format allows kids to focus on other aspects of the game that are fundamentally more important to learn at this stage of development.

With over four million kids playing every year, soccer is one of the most popular sports for kids in the United States! i9 Sports youth soccer leagues for kids help young athletes develop a love for this fun sport that can last a lifetime. Learn more about our kids soccer programs below or find a kids soccer league near you today! When you’re ready to sign up, enter your zip code in our program search feature to find a youth soccer league near you. We can’t wait to kick it with your athletes!

Soccer Summer Camps for Kids

If your child is looking for summer camps because they love playing sports and being outdoors, Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports are a great option! These camps are focused on introducing kids to multiple sports including soccer, flag football, basketball, and more. Each camp helps develop sports skills as well as sportsmanship skills and camaraderie. 

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Soccer Leagues for Children Ages 3 - 6

We love watching our youngest athletes learn the game of soccer! The i9 Sports Pee Wee soccer programs for kids are designed specifically for the preschool and early elementary age group. Soccer drills are presented in a fun format designed specifically to capture the short attention spans of kids at this age. At this age, building confidence in something new is important, so rules are loosely enforced with an emphasis on teachable moments. In a pee wee youth soccer game, play resembles a “beehive” as the concept of field positions is difficult for kids in this age group to grasp. At this stage, the most important outcomes are for kids to develop a love of the game, increase self-confidence, and to have fun!

Soccer Skills for Preschoolers and Young Children

Instruction focuses on ball awareness, fundamentals of the game and teamwork. Kids learn soccer skills such as the non-use of hands, knowing which goal to attack and the proper way to kick and dribble the ball.

A group of youth soccer players wearing red and blue i9 Sports soccer jerseys crowd around the soccer ball trying to kick it.

Soccer Leagues for Kids Ages 7 - 9

About i9 Sports; Youth Soccer programs for kids
The i9 Sports youth soccer programs for kids in our Junior age group are appropriate for first time players and those who are ready to refine their soccer skills. The curriculum is designed to develop age-appropriate skills with greater emphasis on control of the ball and field position. Scores are kept and youth soccer rules are enforced in a fun, positive environment with a continued emphasis on teachable moments.

Soccer Skills for 3rd – 5th Graders

Instruction and drills are aimed at improving your child’s large motor skills, understanding of good sportsmanship and ability to play with others as a team member. Offensive and defensive positions, including goalies, are introduced at this stage. Your child will learn how to dribble in a self-determined direction, successfully control rolling balls, and shoot on goal with accuracy. Special emphasis is placed on effective passing to help kids at this age think beyond themselves and learn that through coordinated teamwork, the outcome is always better.

Soccer Leagues for Youth Ages 10+

The i9 Sports youth soccer curriculum for kids in the Senior age group begins by revisiting the fundamentals of the game. It quickly moves to finessing and combining those skills with game strategy. Playing as a team and as part of a coordinated offensive and defensive strategy are emphasized. Scores are kept and soccer rules are enforced. As players begin to experiment and grow more creative with their improved skills, the games naturally become more competitive, but always in a fun, age-appropriate way! Check out our youth soccer leagues for kids in your area by entering your zip code below.

Soccer Skills for Middle Schoolers

Soccer drills for kids in this age group build throughout the season, increasing in both speed and intensity. Activities and instruction are focused on driving both large motor skill and cognitive development. Your child will better understand youth soccer rules and continue to master fundamental soccer techniques. Expect to see continued development of confidence with the soccer ball within different game scenarios.
Youth Soccer player in white i9 Sports jersey dribbles a soccer ball during a kids soccer game as a defender in a blue jersey approaches.

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