Fun Summer Activities for Kids

The kids are out of school- *GASP*

Summer is a kid’s favorite time of year! But for parents, trying to keep their kids entertained isn’t always the easiest task. Check out these fun summer activities to keep your kids cool and amused all summer long. 

Squirt Gun Painting

The old school activity of tie-dying will be a thing of the past after you try this fun summer activity! Fill up some water guns with liquid watercolors, then let your kids squirt them all over whatever you want to dye- shirts, towels, paper, you can get as creative as you want.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Grab ten empty water bottles, fill them ¾ of the way with water and then crack some glow in the dark necklaces to place inside. Set them up in a triangle like bowling pins and let the kids bowl all night long. Or at least until bedtime.

DIY Kid Car Wash

This fun summer activity for kids might take some work on the adult’s end, but it will take your sprinkler game to the next level! You’ll need some PVC pipe, a hose and water source, and colorful pool noodles. Follow the instructions to build the PVC pipe outline, then you can decorate it with pool noodles, streamers, sponges, whatever else you want to add. Kids can ride their bikes through or simply run back and forth.

Try a New Sport

Summer is a great time to get involved in your local youth sports programs.  Maybe your kids play a sport already, but they’ve shown interest in trying a new one. i9 Sports® offers flag football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, and cheerleading. Some locations may also offer summer camps or clinics where kids can try multiple sports or practice their skills in one specific sport. The options are endless with i9 Sports®, find a program near you and let your kids explore the world of sports this summer!

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Young blond haired child laying in the grass laughing with eyes closed.