Youth Lacrosse Leagues & Programs For Kids Ages 5 - 14

i9 Sports® specializes in fun lacrosse programs for kids - near you and once a week!

Is your child ready for something different? A sport that is lightning fast, high-energy, and fun for kids? Our 3 on 3 co-ed lacrosse programs are fast-paced, non-contact, and designed to allow boys and girls to develop and refine their lacrosse skills. And best of all, it comes with all the benefits you’ve come to expect from i9 Sports – fun, safe play, and emphasis on good sportsmanship. With limited equipment requirements (no helmets or pads), the i9 Sports kids lacrosse format is the perfect way to teach players ages 5-14 the fundamentals of lacrosse while developing their hand-eye coordination, agility, and overall athletic skills.

Learn more about our kids lacrosse leagues for different age groups below. When you’re ready to sign up, just enter your zip code in our program search feature to find a lacrosse league for kids near you.

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Kids Lacrosse for Ages 5 - 7

The i9 Sports Pee Wee lacrosse program is intended to build your child’s knowledge of basic skills and confidence in the sport of lacrosse. Kids are taught using developmentally-appropriate practice drills. These drills help players understand the components of the game and apply the concepts. For boys and girls at this age, the most important result is for them to develop a love for lacrosse and to have fun!

Lacrosse Fundamentals for 1st – 3rd Graders

By the end of the program, your child will have experience with the basics of lacrosse – holding the stick properly, scooping, cradling, passing, catching, shooting, scoring and defending.
Smiling boy in white i9 Sports jersey holds a lacrosse stick

Youth Lacrosse for Ages 8 - 10

Girl in red i9 Sports jersey hods her stick and prepares to shoot the lacrosse ball
The i9 Sports Junior lacrosse curriculum is designed for kids to further develop a comfort level with the ball and their stick. Junior lacrosse players will be able to shoot with more accuracy, successfully control ground balls and run while cradling the ball in their stick. We focus on progress, not perfection. The co-ed lacrosse program for the Junior age group aims to improve large motor skills, spatial awareness and teamwork in a high energy and fun environment.

Lacrosse Skills for 4th – 6th Graders

Effective learning at this age involves repetition, repetition, repetition. Therefore the same drills will be reviewed in multiple practices throughout the program. The activities will focus on practicing the mechanics of the game of lacrosse – cradling, catching, scooping, passing, shooting and defense. Our goal is to keep the kids having fun, while strengthening their lacrosse skills and improving their understanding of the sport.

Youth Lacrosse for Ages 11 - 14

The i9 Sports Senior co-ed lacrosse league curriculum focuses on reinforcing and practicing the proper technique for basic lacrosse skills. Our main goal is for players to further develop comfort, composure and skill level with the game while working with their teammates in coordinated plays.

Lacrosse Fundamentals for Junior High

The drills focus on repetition to create muscle memory which aids in both physical and cognitive skill development for kids. Our practice plans offer advanced drill options to make sure each player is challenged and advancing their abilities. Fast-paced non-contact games are played in a way to learn the structure, organization, and experience of lacrosse. By the end of the youth lacrosse league season, the players will have improved their skills be able to strategically work together as a team on both offense and defense.
A lacrosse player in an i9 Sports jersey catches the lacrosse ball as a defender in a red jersey attempts to intercept the ball

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