Youth Flag Football Leagues For Kids Ages 4 - 14

i9 Sports® offers youth flag football leagues for kids across the United States

Our youth flag football programs for kids are perfect for families who want their young athletes to learn to play one of America’s favorite sports. With an inviting atmosphere, a learning and development focus, and a promise that every child plays every game, i9 Sports is the perfect place for kids to play flag football. i9 Sports Flag Football leagues for kids are available throughout the United States and are available for kids ages 4 and up. 


Flag Football Leagues

i9 Sports Flag Football leagues include newly-formed teams every season. This means there are options for teams that had a cohesive prior season to sign up to play together again. We love promoting the friendships that develop through team sports! Or, if kids are looking to make new friends, we match individual players to teams. There are many options for teams, and one of our core values is inclusion. 

Coed Youth Flag Football Teams

Our flag football teams are built to be coed, so boys and girls all learn to love the sport together. Our practices and flag football development programs are geared to make sure every child learns to love the game, no matter their gender. 

Girls Youth Flag Football Teams

In addition to our coed teams, we have some leagues that are solely focused on Girls Youth Flag Football. Female Flag Football is a growing sport across the country, and focusing on girls only allows for girls to develop their flag football skills in a safe and supportive environment as the sport for females expands across the country.

Youth Flag Football Practice Commitments

We know families today are busier than ever, which is why our programs are structured with a one-day-a-week commitment. Practices are scheduled before the games, so kids can immediately implement their new skills in a game environment. 


Why Play Kids Flag Football? 

i9 Sports® is proud to be a leader in raising national awareness about safety in youth sports. Flag football has become a popular choice for parents across the country, even those that played tackle football themselves, because it offers the benefits of learning the game, but with less risk of injury. 



The primary difference between flag football and tackle is that flag is a “no contact” game. Like tackle football, teams run or pass the ball down field in order to score a touchdown. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players attempt to pull the flags off the ball carrier’s belt. Once a flag is pulled, the player is considered “down”.  

  i9 Sports & USA Football Partnership

At i9 Sports, we will never stop doing everything we can to better the world of youth sports. This includes making sure our programs are continuing to evolve so we can provide the best youth sports experience to our athletes and customers. That is why we have partnered with USA Football


Working together with industry leaders, our goal is to provide the best youth sports experience we can for kids and communities across the country. USA Football and its Football Development Model aligns perfectly with that goal. 


USA Football will help power our youth flag football offerings with progressive, age-appropriate skill instruction aligned with it’s Football Development Model (FDM). Each age group has focused learnings and developmentally-appropriate skills instructions. 



Our age groups aren’t necessarily hard cutoffs, as each location and each child is unique with respect to playing up or down an age group. Looking for a youth flag football league for kids near you? Enter your zip code in our program search feature and sign up today!  Find a youth flag football league near you.

Flag Football Summer Camps for Kids

Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports feature week-long sports camps where kids learn and play flag football, soccer, basketball and more. While playing games to help with the fundamentals across all sports, and then having opportunities to learn each sport more, Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports are the perfect way for kids to experiment with new and different sports. 

Each camp continues with i9 Sports’ strong focus on core values, fundamentals and sportsmanship. Find a Nike Kids Camp near you today!


Aligned with the Football Development Model (ADM)

4 v 4 Coed Flag Football for Ages 4 - 7

For our youngest age groups we offer our 4 v 4 format featuring reduced field and team sizes which means lots of playing time. The playbook for kids in this age group is kept simple to enable players to grow more self-confident in the sport. Based on skill level, game play typically involves more running plays. Yet, as the season progresses, more passing may be integrated. To maximize learning and fun, flag football rules are enforced with an emphasis on teachable moments. The most important outcomes are to develop a love for the game of football, increase self-confidence and to have fun!

Flag Football Fundamentals for Preschoolers – 2nd Graders

Players will learn the fundamentals of flag football including running plays, flag pulling techniques and everyone’s favorite, scoring touchdowns. You will see lots of repetition, simple comprehensive plays, relaxed rules and a great sideline atmosphere.  We rotate players through various positions from quarterback to running back, center and receiver. This way everyone learns the importance of playing as a team. 

Youth Flag football player catches the football while wearing a blue i9 Sports jersey

5 v 5 Coed Flag Football for Ages 8 - 10

Moving up the developmental ladder, we have our 5 v 5 format with rule modifications and increased play complexity making it a program for all ages. 5 v 5 allows for fun and creative plays, player position sampling, and healthy competition at all levels of play.

Flag Football Fundamentals for 3rd – 5th Graders

Played within a 30 x 70 yd field with enhanced safety features like no-run zones, players will experience incremental skill development both focused on the individual and team dynamics, a deeper understanding of positions and roles, and teamwork. The offensive playbooks include a balanced number of passing and running plays. On defense, players begin to experiment with both man-to-man and zone coverage. Scores are kept and flag football rules are enforced in a fun, positive environment. There is also a continued emphasis on teachable moments during game play. Special emphasis is placed on teamwork and good sportsmanship as kids begin to understand the impact they have in relation to others.

7 v 7 Flag Football for Age 11+

Lastly, i9 Sports 7 v 7 is the most advanced game play offered to our oldest age groups. 7s is the ultimate way to develop players’ football IQ. The game is played on larger fields with larger team sizes allowing players to expand their offensive and defensive concepts. Playing i9 Sports 7 v 7 in either our recreational or competitive divisions will get your athlete ready to compete in various forms of football in their future. One great thing about i9 Sports 7 v 7 is our rules align with USA Football regional and national tournaments, so we are excited to prepare your athlete for those future opportunities.

* 6 v 6 may be played at some locations. Be sure to review program details during the registration process to learn what format is played in your area.

Flag Football Fundamentals for Middle Schoolers

Running and passing plays are more sophisticated and the importance of offensive and defensive game strategy are taught. In this fast-paced, dynamic game, players will build leadership skills, experience healthy competition and get ready for what’s next in the game of football. Special emphasis is placed on teamwork and good sportsmanship as kids begin to understand the impact they have in relation to others.

Youth flag football player in the Senior Age Group​

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