Youth Flag Football Leagues

i9 Sports® offers youth flag football leagues for kids in communities across the nation. 

Our youth flag football programs for kids are perfect for families who want their young athletes to learn to play one of America’s favorite sports without the same dangerous risks that can lead to head injuries.  Some of the most respected names in football agree that playing tackle football too young puts children at an unnecessary risk for additional brain trauma.* We couldn’t agree more. 

“i9 Sports is proud to be a leader in raising national awareness about safety in youth sports,” i9 Sports CEO Brian Sanders said. “Flag football has become a popular choice for parents across the country, even those that played tackle football themselves, because it offers the benefits of learning the game, but with less risk of injury.”

The primary difference between flag football and tackle is that flag is a “no contact” game. Like tackle football, teams run or pass the ball down field in order to score a touchdown. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players attempt to pull the flags off the ball carrier’s belt. Once a flag is pulled, the player is considered “down”. 

At i9 Sports®, we believe sports are about more than skills and scores. We develop player character by teaching and celebrating good sportsmanship at every practice and game. These lessons will help kids far beyond the playing field. 

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Pee Wees

If your child loves football but you’re concerned about safety, we have the answer! i9 Sports youth flag football programs for our youngest boys and girls provide all the fun and excitement of tackle football without the same risk of injury. Our Pee Wee curriculum has been specially crafted for kids in this age group. We aim to improve balance, hand-eye coordination and motor skill development. Your child will learn the basics youth football including awareness of offensive and defensive field direction, and skills such as running with the ball, passing and catchingWe rotate players through various positions from quarterback to running back. This way everyone learns the importance of playing as a team. The playbook for kids in this age group is kept simple to enable players to grow more self-confident in the sport.  Based on skill level at this age, game play typically involves more running plays. Yet, as the season progresses, more passing may be integrated. To maximize learning and fun, flag football rules are enforced with an emphasis on teachable moments. For Pee Wees, the most important outcomes are to develop a love for the game of football, increase self-confidence and to have fun!

Youth Flag football player catches the football while wearing a blue i9 Sports jersey


Youth Flag football player in blue i9 Sports jersey runs with the football a defender in a white jersey reaches to pull his flag

As kids get older, they like the challenge of new things, but as a parent you want them to be safe. Our non-contact youth flag football league is the ideal way to allow your child to play football safely. The i9 Sports Junior flag football curriculum will teach your child the fundamentals of the game and build upon their developing physical and mental capabilities. Instruction and drills are specially designed to improve spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and greater accuracy in throwing and catching the ball.  The offensive playbook includes a balanced number of passing and running plays. On defense, players begin to experiment with both man-to-man and zone coverage. Scores are kept and flag football rules are enforced in a fun, positive environment. There is also a continued emphasis on teachable moments during game play. Special emphasis is placed on teamwork and good sportsmanship as kids begin to understand the impact they have in relation to others.


Because kids at this age are bigger and physically more capable, the level of play in these youth flag football games can be very exciting! As players begin to grow more confident with their improved football skills, the games naturally become more competitive and fast-paced. However we continue to emphasize good sportsmanship and keep things fun! The i9 Sports Senior flag football curriculum balances game fundamentals with age-appropriate skill development. Running and passing plays are more sophisticated and the importance of offensive and defensive game strategy are taught. Our “everyone plays” philosophy ensures all players have the opportunity to develop their skills. You can also expect to see marked improvement in self-confidence and teamwork at this stage. Scores are kept and youth flag football rules are enforced by trained officials.  Find a youth flag football program near you!

Youth flag football player in the Senior Age Group​

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