Nike Kids Camps Powered by i9 Sports

Nike Kids Camps Powered by i9 Sports Let Kids Try a Variety of Sports in a Fun Environment

This summer, let your kids experience the fun and joy of sports with Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports. These camps blend Nike’s impeccable knowledge of sports prowess with i9 Sports’ approach to learning in a teamwork and sportsmanship-focused way.

The goals of Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports include:

Keeping Kids Moving

Kids are born to run, kick, jump, throw, slide, skate and dance their way through life. So, we skip the lines and boring lectures. We want to get kids moving and they’ll be better off.

Keeping Kids Safe

No one wants kids to get hurt. Activities need to be the right amount of time and difficulty level. Kids need to stay hydrated and wear the right protective gear. If safety issues exist off the field, the right people need to be called. When kids are safe, they’ll be much more likely to have a great time.

Planning for the Right Age Group

You wouldn’t expect an 8 year old to run as fast, jump as high or lift as much as a teenager. It’s not even safe to have them try. And when you put them on the same field with pro-sized equipment, the game isn’t as fun anymore. We get creative about rules, space and equipment in ways that work for the kids in our groups.

Making it Fun

Kids have a lot of options vying for their attention these days. To keep them involved, we keep things moving, plan practices that make sense for the age group, set attainable goals, and learn how to celebrate with style.

Which Sports Kids Play at Nike Kids Camps

Nike Kids Camps powered by i9 Sports are multi-sport camps where kids get instruction in sports disciplines including Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball. The specific sports included in each camp can vary from location to location, but every camp gives campers an opportunity to try a variety of sports.

The goal of summer camp is to let kids have an amazing time playing outside and discover sports they may have previously never tried. It gives them an opportunity to cross-train rather than overspecialize, and maybe to discover a new favorite passion!

Sports Summer Camps for Kids 5 – 12

Our camps are designed for campers ages 5 – 12, with age groups broken out to ensure all kids are working on age-appropriate skills. All age groups will cycle through all of the sports offered at the camps, with different drills or games.

Full Day Sports Camps & Half Day Sports Camps

Find a program near you to see which camps are offered nearby. In most i9 Sports locations in the US, you’ll find options for full day and half-day camps.

In either situation, Fridays are typically half days.

We do not offer sleep-away sports camps, only day camps for kids.

Core Sportsmanship Value for Kids Summer Sports Camps

Because i9 Sports is working with Nike Kids Camps, our sportsmanship-focused approach is a core part of summer camp. Each day, a camper in each group will receive a sportsmanship award for displaying one of the core traits of sportsmanship i9 Sports works to instill.

These values can include:

  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Humility
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Sports Camp Objectives for Kids Ages 5 - 8

For our campers who are between 5 – 8, our goals for them include:

Building Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

Of course our kids aren’t Olympic athletes (yet!) but setting the groundwork for strength, endurance and flexibility is key to give them the tools for a healthy body for a lifetime. Each of these focuses is based on age-appropriate goals, like running a little longer than earlier in the week.

Building Motor Skills & Testing Activities

With 5-8 year olds still being in discovery mode, we want them to test activities and sports so they understand what they love (and that there’s something to enjoy with every sport!). Throwing, passing, kicking, and hitting the ball are all key elements to build and enhance at this age.

Enhancing Ethics and Rules Understanding

5-8 year old kids have a strong sense of fairness – so helping them understand what the rules are, and having fairly-enforced consequences for breaking the rules of the game is key to building their respect for the sport and their competitors.

For all objectives, we want to see that kids are enjoying themselves through the learning process, smiling, and generally having a great time!

Sports Camp Objectives for Kids Ages 9 - 12

For campers who are between 9 – 12, our goals for them include:

Deepening Skill Progression

9 – 12 year olds generally have a strong foundation for how to simply kick a ball, but at this age, we want to work on more complicated skills with more precision. So passing, shooting, dribbling and other skills are focused on and refined.

Building Flexibility, Speed, Endurance & Strength

As kids get older, we want to ensure they have the base for lifelong athleticism. With that, we focus on 9 – 12 year olds continuing to develop age-appropriate flexibility, strength, speed & endurance. At this age, medicine balls or other light weights will occasionally be used, but mostly exercises are accomplished with body weight. Endurance and Flexibility are largely built through fun games and challenges.

Furthering Rules Knowledge

At this point, kids are old enough to understand some of the more complicated rules in certain games. Things like offsides in soccer, and traveling in basketball are more consistently taught and enforced.

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