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For i9 Sports® athletes in the Juniors age group, we offer programming designed to teach kids the fundamentals of the sport and the dynamics of working as a team all while having fun. Your child will learn that winning and losing are part of the game, but it’s how you win or lose that sets you apart from others. For our Junior players, we focus on how the game is played and the importance of teamwork. But because we are i9 Sports, we still focus on having fun and how easy we can make kids sports programs for busy families. 

Learn more about our youth sports programs for the Juniors age group below including how these kids learn best, how we teach this age group and what they will learn.

How They Learn

Junior athletes are an exciting group! Improvement in skills at this level can be astonishing. Players in the Juniors age group have more mature motor skills and their hand-eye coordination and balance is more developed. Their tracking vision is also improving. During these vital years, Junior age group players thrive on an increasing level of instruction and improving individual skills. They love to outperform their coaches! 

Junior age group players are still gathering the experience necessary to interact with their surroundings and with others. Empathy and the capacity to consider the thoughts and feelings of teammates is still developing. For these reasons, drills that stress team dynamics are a critical part of their development.

Female Juniors age group soccer player in blue I9 Sports jersey dribble the ball through three defenders during a soccer game

How We Teach

A juniors age group flag football player runs with the football tucked in his right arm as a defender reaches to pull his flag.

The i9 Sports Juniors age group instruction plan focuses on strengthening the basics while teaching more advanced skills. Our coaches and instructors lead activities designed to develop your child’s individual skills while building a greater appreciation for playing as a team. Since repetition builds familiarity and confidence, drills are repeated from week to week while gradually layering in more advanced skills. With the increased attention span of the Juniors age group, practice times are increased to allow more in-depth instruction.

While practice time activities are geared towards strengthening your child’s individual skills, game time emphasizes each player’s understanding of the structure of the sport, game rules, and team competition. For our Juniors age group, game rules are enforced and scores are kept. Yet, coaches find teaching moments to build the skills of every player. The combination of our player rotation and effort to give each child equal playing time provides kids the chance to experience multiple aspects of the game.

What They Will Learn

By the end of the season, your child will have gained a better understanding of the sport, its rules, and the basic skills. Athletes in the Juniors age group should be able to execute drills with more speed and accuracy. They will also show better ball control and improved decision-making. Their large motor skills will continue to develop as they demonstrate better hand-eye or eye-foot coordination. Lastly, Junior age group players will learn to pay more attention to multiple game elements happening at the same time (i.e., anticipate ball position, location of opposing players, etc.). 

Our main goals for the Juniors age group are to refine player’s individual skills and increase their understanding of the game. It’s also important that the program further develops a sense of teamwork in a setting that encourages fun, healthy, age-appropriate competition. Beyond improving kids’ mastery of the sport, we help them learn the importance of good sportsmanship. After all, character development is one of the most important lessons in youth sports!

Youth basketball player in the juniors age group dribbles ball down the court in a fast break as two teammates and two defender follow.

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