How Kids Can Play Sports Year-Round

Keeping children engaged in fun physical activities throughout the year is important for their social, emotional, and physical health. Recreational sports can keep kids active year-round, but what sports should you look for during summer, spring, winter, and fall?  

Fall Sports Leagues for Kids

While fall brings back-to-school vibes, it also signals the start of fall sports leagues. As  the leaves begin to turn and the air gets cooler, many families are gearing up for flag  football & soccer. Kids and parents alike can look forward to new teams and the  excitement of a new sports season. 

Indoor Winter Sports for Kids 

With cooler temps and snow in many areas, it is no surprise indoor sports are most popular during the winter months. One of the most beloved recreational winter sports is basketball. It is a great way to maintain kids’ stamina and keep them involved while waiting for the return of warmer temps. 

Volleyball is another great indoor option for both boys and girls. It may be a new sport for many, but trying something new is a great way for kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and stay active.

Some areas may also offer indoor versions of flag football and soccer that may be worth trying. It’s important to note that the playing area and rules may be slightly different than playing outside due to the amount of space available, but the fun is still the same!

Kids Spring Sports Leagues

With warmer days on the horizon, spring sports leagues become the focus for many  families. After being cooped up inside all winter, kids are ready to get outside and get some fresh air! With teams for kids as young as three, baseball and t-ball are a favorite for younger children to play in the spring. T-ball and baseball teach hand-eye coordination and problem-solving.

Summer Sports Leagues for Kids

Summer can get extremely hot in some areas. Many families still love to enjoy the sun and play outdoor sports like baseball, soccer, and flag football. But for those that don’t, you may look into indoor sports camps or clinics. Youth sports camps are typically offered in the summer to give kids something to do while school is out! Sports camps can be sport-specific or offer multiple sports. Sports clinics usually focus on one sport and improving an athlete’s sport-specific techniques. 

Year-Round Youth Sports Leagues 

With certain sports being more popular at specific times of the year, families are often surprised to learn that most youth sports are actually available year-round! For example, volleyball usually has two seasons, one in the fall and another in the spring. The same can be said for many of these sports. 

Along with the opportunity to play during multiple seasons, recreational sports leagues also offer camps and clinics. This gives kids a chance to work on skills during the off-season. Whether the goal is to improve current skills, or learn something new before the season starts, sports camps and clinics are a great option for many families! 

With many sports being offered during more than one season, it makes it easier for parents to keep their children involved all year. Though many athletes choose to play their favorite sport all year, we highly recommend encouraging them to try a different sport in the off-season. The benefits of playing multiple sports include developing and strengthening different muscle groups. This helps avoid overuse injuries as opposed to using the same muscles year-round. Cross-training also helps avoid burnout. Believe it or not kids can get burnt out from playing one sport all year, even if it is their favorite. Introducing them to multiple sports at a young age is a great way to help build a well-rounded athlete and keep them playing sports long-term. 

i9 Sports® Offers Sports Year-Round

i9 Sports® offers flag football, tball/baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more! Sports may vary based on location, but our programs are offered year-round to give your kids a chance to try something new!

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Teenage girls playing team volleyball indoors as one girl serves the ball overhand from the other side of the net.