2022 Sports Gift Guide for Kids

Are you unsure what to get all the kids in your life this holiday? We’ve got you covered! Leave the tech gifts on the shelves this year and give kids something fun and sporty. Athletes vary by skill level, and so does our gift guide. We have gift ideas geared toward peewee, junior, and senior skill levels.



Inflatable Goal Post

This oversized football and goal post is great entertainment for kids 2 years and up. The inflatable ball keeps kids and any unsuspecting cars or windows safe while your little athletes practice their best field goal kick.

Target Trainer

Little Tikes® 2-in-1 Jumbo Trainer is a fun way to teach your little ones how to throw at a target. Kids can toss a football and then flip the trainer around and throw a baseball! Standing at over 4ft tall, the inflatable target can be used inside or outside depending on your space limitations. The package also comes with a soft football and baseball for kids to practice with. Disclaimer: you will need sand or water to fill the base and weigh the inflatable trainer down.

Hover Soccer:

The hover soccer set is a unique way to keep even the youngest athletes moving in the off-season. The Styrofoam material around the hover soccer ball and miniature goals makes this game great for indoor use. This specific kit also comes with a hover hockey option- puck and sticks included!



Soccer Belt

The soccer belt is great for kids of multiple skill levels. Strap the belt around your athlete’s waist, and put your soccer ball (sizes 3, 4, and 5) inside the Velcro strap. This allows the ball to be kicked and returned to the kicker like a giant yo-yo (if anyone remembers those). Kids can practice knee kicks and other ball skills without losing the ball! The belt can also be used with volleyballs.

Four Way Volleyball Net

Have you ever played four square? This net makes volleyball four times the fun! Separating the court into four sections allows you to combine the game of four square and volleyball. It’s extremely fun, keeps young kids active, and works on focus and coordination. The kit also comes with badminton equipment to try something new!

Ninja Warrior Course

Ninja Warrior became a TV sensation a few years ago. More parks, gyms, and indoor facilities have been creating similar obstacle courses for kids. The Ninja Safe® obstacle course can be set up in your backyard! With ropes, ladders, and rings Ninja Safe® claims its ninja warrior course is the best gift for ages 5-12.



Sneaker Balls

This gift may not scream fun, but it can be a very useful one for every family! Sneaker Balls can be placed in cleats, sports bags, and anywhere else you may have smelly sports equipment to help keep any outdoor odors from spreading to places you don’t want them. They come in different themes including baseball, soccer, basketball, and assorted colors. Stuff those stocking and keep them smelling fresh!

Rebound Net

Another useful gift for older kids, especially those looking to work on their reaction time, are rebound nets. Rebound nets are used often for lacrosse, but also come in different shapes and sizes for sports like soccer and baseball. Rebound nets are great for kids when they don’t have a second person to kick or throw the ball to.


This is a unique outdoor activity great for getting the older kids off the couch and outside!  Spikeball™ comes with three balls and a round net that sits on the ground. With rules combining four square and volleyball, this game is played by two teams of two players each.

The net is set at ankle level between the two teams while the players take turns hitting the ball on to the net, so it ricochets up at the opponent. Each team gets three touches between them to bounce the ball back on the net and to their opponent. If one team misses, the other team scores a point. The first team to get 21 points wins.

Spikeball™ is also conveniently small enough to fit in its travel bag and take anywhere you go!



Don’t forget to get the entire family their annual i9 Sports® gear! Visit our online store and have the whole family cheering on your athlete next season. 

Want even more ideas? Visit our Pinterest board with more great gifts that will keep kids of all ages active, entertained, and most importantly- having fun!

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Youth sports gift guide for kids