3 Types of Summer Camps for Kids

Many parents plan ahead and sign their kids up for summer activities in the spring. Camps are a great way to keep kids active and engaged during summer break. If you are concerned about your child turning into a couch potato while on summer break, summer camps are a great option to keep them busy! Camps offer families a wide range of options, including multi-week camps, full-day camps, overnight camps, and some that last a few hours per day. From athletic camps to creative workshops, the possibilities are endless! Below are three types of camps for kids we’d recommend looking into for summer break. 

1. Athletic Camps  

Sports camps for kids are popular, not only for dedicated athletes, but for kids who may be curious about a new sport. Recreational summer camps are an ideal option for boys and girls who wish to do something more casual. For instance, a child who wants to try their hand at volleyball can participate in a week-long camp to learn the game, gain skills, develop confidence, and have fun, without the pressure of winning a championship. Likewise, sports camps for kids can help those who are looking to grow their existing skills. Daily practice gives athletes the ability to build on what they learned the day before, all while being active and having fun! 

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2. Art Camps  

Summer art camps for kids are a fun way for your child to tap into their creativity. Instead of getting bored and climbing (or coloring on) the walls, kids can channel their creative energy into learning about art and making fun crafts. Creating something from scratch is not only satisfying, but art is also a healthy outlet for kids and adults alike. There are countless options when it comes to making art. Kids can try a pottery class and learn how to work with clay. They can start to learn the basics of drawing and painting. Jewelry making, photography, collaging, watercolor, sewing, and more will offer your child an array of options for unleashing their creativity. In art camps, kids can discover a new hobby and a lifelong love of art and creativity! 

3. Music Camps  

Music camps give children the opportunity to have fun and learn how to play an instrument, sing, or write and record music. Summer music camp options include more than just the traditional band and orchestra offered through schools. Your child can focus on a specific instrument, musical genre, and learn how to perform individually and in a group. Kids can also choose to focus on the songwriting and recording aspects of music. Independent studios, such as School of Rock, even offer camps that let kids learn and explore music from a specific band. Do you have a child who really loves Nirvana? There’s a camp for that! 

There are tons of different summer camp options for kids. Choosing one that’s right for you and your family is key. We recommend asking your kids what they’re interested in and go from there. Maybe your son plays soccer year-round and wants to try out his musical talents on the drums for a week at music camp. Maybe your daughter played basketball for the first time this season and wants to keep playing and improving, sign her up for a summer sports camp or clinic. If you have the time and the options are available in your area, try to sign them up for multiple summer camps and educate your kids on multiple areas of interest! The possibilities really are endless, but no matter what you and your kids choose, they’re sure to make lifelong memories. 

Two pre-teen boys in royal blue i9 Sports t-shirts running from blue cones during an i9 Sports camp or clinic.