Juggle your busy schedule with i9 Sports® soccer! i9 Sports soccer offers a one-day a week curriculum that allows your child to develop the fundamentals of the game as well as build on their skills as they grow. With over three million kids playing every year, soccer is quickly becoming one of the most popular youth sports in the United States. i9 Sports is a leader in raising national awareness about safety in youth sports and specifically, concussion safety. We implement a strict no heading policy to help protect the safety of young athletes and to shift their focus on other aspects of the game that are fundamentally more important to learn in the adolescent stages.

The i9 Sports soccer curriculum includes drills and game play designed for all skills levels. i9 Sports soccer programs stand out from other soccer leagues by concentrating on player safety. As your children progress through the program, they will build on their skill development and understanding of teamwork. We are committed to both teaching the sport as well as instilling the values of good sportsmanship in a fun environment at all ages.

We love watching our youngest athletes learn the game of soccer! The i9 Sports Pee Wee soccer curriculum focuses on ball awareness, teaching the fundamentals of the game and how to play as part of a team. Instruction is designed specifically for the preschool and early elementary age group. Children can learn fundamental soccer skills such as the non-use of hands, knowing which goal to attack and the proper way to kick and dribble the ball. At this age, it’s all about building confidence in something new, so rules are loosely enforced with an emphasis on teachable moments. Play among Pee Wees resembles a “beehive” as the concept of field positions is difficult for this age group to grasp. Throughout the season, instructional activities are reinforced in different ways through a fun format designed specifically to capture the short attention spans of this age group. At this stage, the most important outcomes are to develop a love of the game, increased self-confidence, and to have fun!
The i9 Sports Junior soccer curriculum teaches age appropriate skills with greater emphasis on control of the ball and field position. Offensive and defensive positions, including goalies, are introduced at this stage. For all skill levels, the instruction and drills are aimed at improving your child’s large motor skills, understanding of good sportsmanship and ability to play with others as a team member. First time players and those who are ready to refine their soccer skills will be equally at home here. Your child can learn how to dribble in a self-determined direction, successfully control rolling balls, and shoot on goal with accuracy. Special emphasis is placed on effective passing to help kids at this age think beyond themselves and learn that through coordinated teamwork, the outcome is always better. Scores are kept and rules are enforced in a fun, positive environment with a continued emphasis on teachable moments.
The i9 Sports Senior soccer curriculum begins by revisiting the fundamentals of the game and quickly moves to finessing and combining those skills with game strategy. Playing as a team and as part of a coordinated offensive and defensive strategy are emphasized. Drills build throughout the season, increasing in both speed and intensity. Activities and instruction are focused on driving both large motor skill and cognitive development. Your child can better understand the rules of the game and continue to master fundamental soccer techniques. Expect to see continued development of confidence with the ball within different game scenarios. Scores are kept and rules are enforced. As players begin to experiment and grow more creative with their improved skills, the games naturally become more competitive, but always in a fun, age-appropriate way!