The i9 Sports® Show Episode 4: American Development Model

This month on The i9 Sports® Show we had a conversation with Chris Snyder, Director of Coaching Education at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. While you may be unfamiliar with the American Development Model, this is a discussion every parent, coach, and athlete should hear!

Make sure you stay tuned for our sportsmanship segment. You may want to have your child listen with you, especially if you left them a Sportsmanship Shoutout. If you didn’t get a chance to record a Sportsmanship Shoutout, you can leave them one for our next episode HERE!

Lastly, we get to hear from husband and wife duo, Walter and Sandra Reaves from Savannah, Georgia. Both happen to be retired veterans using their backgrounds in logistics and management to provide a youth sports experience for their community. (It’s doesn’t hurt that they have six kids!) Their story is inspiring and uplifting!

Listen below to learn more about the American Development Model and how we are working with the USOPC to keep kids involved in youth sports and having fun. 

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Stay tuned for the next episode of The i9 Sports® Show. Did you miss our last episode? Listen to it here!