The i9 Sports® Show Episode 3: Mental Game

This month on The i9 Sports® Show podcast we are diving into an important topic, mental health, but this episode is packed with other valuable information as well. 

First up you will get to learn about determination on our sportsmanship segment. You may want to grab your child and have them listen with you, especially if you left them a Sportsmanship Shoutout. If you didn’t get a chance to record a Sportsmanship Shoutout, you can leave them one for next month’s episode HERE!

We also get to hear from franchisee, Michelle Mudge-Riley in Louisville, KY. She speaks about her journey from doctor and entrepreneur to i9 Sports® owner.

Make sure you stay tuned until the last segment. David Conant-Norville MD of Mind Matters PC joins us to talk about the importance of healthy sports environments and children’s mental health.

Listen below and stay tuned for next month’s episode.

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