Soccer Drills and Games for Kids

Soccer is a fun sport for kids of all ages and an excellent option for children with extra energy to burn! It teaches teamwork, coordination, quick-thinking, and sportsmanship. If your kids have never played before, you may wonder how hard soccer is to learn. Here are soccer skills, drills, and games kids may participate in during soccer practice.

Skill Development  

Soccer practice is largely focused on skill development. Depending on the age of your child, there are several basic skills they may work on. 


Dribbling consists of moving the ball between their feet as they work their way across the field and if often the first skill children learn.  


Passing is used to move the ball between players of the same team. 


Trapping is used to stop the ball and get control before moving it. 


Last but not least, is shooting! Shooting is the act of kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal and scoring.  


Depending on the age and skillset of a team, soccer practice may include goalkeeping skills for those that are interested in the one position that gets to use their hands! 

Drills for Practice  

Practice drills are used by coaches to help kids develop soccer skills and coordination. Drills increase in intensity depending on the age and experience of the players. Cone weaving drills help kids work on dribbling the ball while moving around obstacles. Passing drills consist of kicking the ball to a teammate, or even against a wall, to work on accuracy and distance.  Shooting drills help children master their aim and the amount of force needed to get the ball into the goal. Trapping drills may consist of throwing the ball to a player so they can practice using their chest, head, thighs, and feet to stop the ball. 

Games Keep Soccer Practice Fun and Engaging  

Along with developing your child’s skills, soccer practice should be fun! Games help keep practice exciting and encourage team bonding. Some games that are often used to keep soccer practice enjoyable and encourage teamwork include: 

Red Light Green Light 

This game helps beginning players work on dribbling by having them advance when given the “green light” and stop quickly when given the “red light”.  

Shark Attack 

This fun drill consists of “divers” who must dribble their ball within a large circle. Players who are designated as “sharks” must attempt to steal the balls from the divers. When a ball is stolen, the diver then becomes a shark. The last diver to still have their ball is the winner! 

Space Wars 

The team is divided into two-star fleets. Players have fun trying to knock the balls of the opposing team out of the playing area by kicking their ball into it. But beware, if your ball leaves the playing area in the process, you are also out! The winning fleet is the side that has the most balls left at the end of the game. 

There are countless drills and games soccer coaches can use to help kids develop their skills while making friends, having fun, and staying active!

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