The New i9 Sports® Athlete Development Program

As today’s youth have less opportunities for physical activity in schools or even after school, it has become more important for youth sports leaders to step in and make it possible for kids to develop the fundamental movement skills needed to not only excel in sports, but to live a healthy active life. Here at i9 Sports®, we are thrilled to bring you a program that focuses specifically on building these fundamental skills in your children. 


Our new i9 Sports® Athlete Development Program is designed to enhance development of physical literacy and fundamental movements through drills that are “off the ball”. These fun activities build athlete confidence, teach skills that will make playing sports more enjoyable and fosters the desire to stay active for life. Our Athlete Development program boasts small groups and comes with all the benefits you’ve come to expect from i9 Sports®: fun, safety, and emphasis on good sportsmanship. 


Whether your child isn’t sure they are ready to jump into the game just yet, they want to hone in on their skills and agility, or you are looking for a program with small groups and minimal equipment sharing, this it is it!


Here is what you can expect when participating in the i9 Sports® Athlete Development Program:

  • Players will rotate through stations focused on developing fundamental movements, strength, and coordination.
  • This new 5-7 week program is all “off the ball” so there is minimal equipment sharing.
  • Small group sizes allow for more instruction leading to greater athletic confidence.
  • Kids develop physical literacy and the desire to stay active for life! Plus, it’s FUN!
  • Sportsmanship lessons taught each week.


Through this program we know that your child will not only build confidence on and off the field or court, but they will develop skills and athleticism that can help them excel in whatever they choose to do. Enter your zip code under the programs tab above to choose the program dates and location that work best for you!

young athlete running drills