Five Things Your Child Will Learn Playing Flag Football

Youth flag football gives children the option to play football with the same fitness and competitive benefits of tackle football, but with less risk of injury.  Along with the physical benefits of playing a sport like flag football, there are also multiple character building benefits for your child. 


Youth flag football is a great team sport option for children. The sport offers kids the chance to play, work and have fun with a group of other children and teaches them skills to work together.  Teamwork is a big aspect of flag football as kids learn how important it is to collaborate with others and work towards a common goal. 


Along with teamwork, coaches will teach your child the importance of practice.  As coaches work on fundamentals to help your child learn the game, players  discover that practice is an important part to playing a sport, and that without practice, improvement in any skill can be difficult.


Playing a youth sport such as flag football teaches your child how to compete, as an individual and also as a member of a team. Working hard on the playing field provides learning lessons that can go beyond sports.


Flag football is also a great way for children to develop social skills.  By being a part of a team, children learn how to communicate and work well with others.  They will learn how to take initiative and lead, but then they also learn when it is their turn to sit back and follow.  The social skills kids gain by learning how to play with other children from different backgrounds is priceless and will continue to be an asset to them as they grow older.


Most importantly, playing flag football with i9 Sports® teaches your child the value of being a good sport and behaving with integrity, respect and humility, regardless of winning or losing. Being positive and shaking hands with teammates, referees and opponentsinstills valuable lessons in your child.

Character building and social skills are certainly major benefits to flag football participation, but let’s not forget that it’s also fun and a great way to make new friends! If you want to register your son or daughter for an i9 Sports® flag football program, follow this link to see which leagues are available in your area!