Benefits of Youth Sports Camps and Clinics

Every summer brings the challenge of filling up your kid’s day with fun activities. Summer camps are a great way to give kids something to do as well as let them explore new hobbies. Summer sports camps and clinics are great for kids that may not have the opportunity to play sports during the school year and improve their athletic development. You may be wondering, what exactly is a sports camp or sports clinic compared to a full sports league?

What is a Youth Sports Camp?

A youth sports camp is typically multiple days per week. These camps can be sport-specific or teach multiple sports and can involve some arts and crafts or other recreational games such as wiffle ball and kickball. Sports camps are meant to include fun activities and sports-related instruction that help kids develop athletically as well as work on characteristics such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and communication. The best part about camps is that they provide either a half day or full day of activity for your kids. Whether you’re looking for some time to yourself during the week, or maybe your sitter is unavailable for a few days, sports camps are a great way to fill your child’s day! 

What is a Youth Sports Clinic?

A youth sports clinic typically involves a more in-depth instruction on a specific sport or multiple sports for one or more weekly sessions. This includes warm-ups, drills, and a fun game or scrimmage towards the end of the session. Clinics run by i9 Sports® also include a unique feature where coaches give a sportsmanship talk each session that focuses on one of several sportsmanship values that vary from teamwork, determination, leadership and more. Clinics are a great way for kids to improve their basic sports fundamentals and learn important life skills.

What Are The Benefits of Camps and Clinics for Kids?

1. Physical Activity & Mental Health

Camps provide kids with an opportunity to stay active while trying new activities and games! For many kids, being at camp in the summer is one of their favorite memories and the best part of the year because they are outdoors playing with friends all day. Exercise is not only fun for kids, but it has a massive impact on our brains and has been linked to greater functioning such as improved memory, cognition, and mental health. Getting out to play has just as big of an impact on mental health as it does physical health! 

2. Social & Emotional Development

Youth sports camps help build critical social and emotional skills. Kids may be shy to make friends in a school setting, but being outdoors playing games may make them more comfortable and more open to socializing. In the ACA Impact Study (2022), youth respondents reported a high affinity for nature, willingness to try new things, and child friendships after attending a summer, spring, or winter camp. Kids grow and improve from session to session and the bonds they create during these camps can last a lifetime. Think about it, do you have friends you met through sports or camps that you still talk to today? Many adults typically do, many adults even continue to play recreational sports with the same friends! Camps and clinics take the pressure out of making friends which helps create lasting bonds.

3. Confidence Building

Participating in sports can significantly boost a child’s self-confidence. As they master new skills, kids develop a sense of accomplishment. This newfound confidence extends beyond sports and can positively impact various aspects of their lives, including academics and social interactions. This is a great example of how sports can help kids succeed in life beyond the field or court. 

4. Leadership Skills

Youth sports camps provide opportunities for children to develop crucial leadership skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving, and communication. Learning to lead effectively on the field prepares them to become confident leaders in their future endeavors.

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Tyler Munoz
Manager Of Sport, i9 Sports®

Tyler is responsible for creating and implementing national training programs for coaches and over 240 franchisees to achieve the company’s mission to help kids succeed in life through sports.
Tyler grew up in Modesto, California, playing baseball, basketball and football from the age of 5. Sports have always been at the center of his life and have been something that he has dedicated his life to making a positive impact in. He discovered his passion - supporting coaches to ensure they can provide a quality sport experience to the athletes that they coach during his education at California State University, Fresno. He earned his Master of Arts in Kinesiology – Sport Psychology and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Sport Coaching from California State University, Fresno. After graduating, Tyler spent a year in New Zealand and Australia, where he studied and participated in the two countries’ sport environments, athlete development systems, and coaching models. After his travels, he joined the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s (USOPC) Coaching Education Department as the American Development Model and Youth Development fellow. Tyler was able to collaborate and coordinate sport development projects with several National Governing Bodies and assist the Coaching Education team with creating and updating resources related to coach training and the American Development Model.
Tyler continued to consult with the USOPC on initiatives related to the American Development Model the Quality Coaching Framework and ultimately, developed an online course, Foundations of the American Development Model. In 2020, he accepted a position with USA Football as the Senior Manager of Coach Education.
During his three years there, he was able to redesign the organization’s coach education certification, which led to USA Football achieving its’ one millionth coach certification in 2022. Tyler has coached football, baseball, and basketball at all levels of sport (recreational, scholastic, national, and international) throughout his life and is passionate about giving back to the communities in which he has lived.
Presentations and Awards: College of Health and Human Services- Outstanding Project Award
Presented graduate project at the 39th Annual Central California Research Symposium Olympic & Paralympic Coach Magazine Spring 2020- ADM & Me: Insights in Learning from my USOPC Fellowship Presented at the USA Football National Conference 2020 Presented at the National Post Olympic and Paralympic Conference of Sport & Science at the Wingate Institute in Israel
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