5 Games to Make Volleyball Practice Fun for Kids

The key component to any youth sport should be fun! When children have fun playing, they look forward to practice, become more confident, and are more likely to continue to play as they get older. Teaching beginners new skills, while keeping the focus on having fun, can be challenging.

In recreational volleyball, teams are usually small, with only 4 to 6 players. Small team sizes allow kids more opportunities to have their hands on the ball. Instead of waiting in a long line to practice drills, children get continual movement and interaction which translates to more fun!

To keep practices fun for beginners while working on skills, try turning volleyball drills into mini games for part of practice. Here are five fun games you can try with your players:

1. Bump It Up

Beginners can practice bumping the ball to themselves and keeping count to see who can get the highest number without losing control of the ball. This not only creates fun competition, it gives each child a personal goal to try and beat. 

2. Ready, SET, Go

You can also have kids do a setting relay. Divide your players into two lines. The players have to make it across the court and back while setting the ball. Once a player returns, the next player on the team can go. This is a great test of hand-eye coordination and improves a players ability to get under the ball while it is in motion. 

3. The Bee’s Knees

Set up a course with cones, ropes, and whatever you have on hand. Players can dodge, circle, and even hop around the course while keeping a volleyball between their knees. If a player drops the ball, they must start the course at the beginning. This beginner volleyball drill helps build coordination and strength while incorporating fun. 

4. Dead Fish

Practice serving with a game of dead fish. Split your players into two teams and have them stand on either side of the net. All players begin serving their ball at the same time. If a player misses their serve, they must go stand on the opposite team’s side. In order to get back in the game, you must catch a serve from one of your team members. The game is over when one team has no players left to serve. 

5. Apple Picking

This fun game for beginners involves getting volleyballs back and forth across the court. Divide players into two lines and have them stand next to each other at one end of the court. On the opposite end of the court, place 10 volleyballs across from each time. The first player from each team must run to the other end and grab one ball and bring it back. They then pass it to the next player who carries that ball across the court, grabs a second ball, and carries both back. Those two balls then get passed to the next player who runs down the court with both and gathers and third, and so on… The goal is to get all 10 balls back down the court without dropping any. Players can stuff them in clothing, under arms, between knees, whatever it takes to get them back. This fun game for beginners is great for getting your volleyball athletes thinking outside the box. 

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