Elevate your basketball game with i9 Sports®! The i9 Sports basketball program is designed to introduce young players to the sport while enhancing and fine-tuning the skills of more experienced players. With the i9 Sports curriculum, your child will learn the fundamentals of basketball with age-appropriate and fun skills and drills that build confidence and ability throughout the season. The practice plans help players develop the core fundamentals of the sport; shooting, dribbling and passing. During the games, coaches and instructors work on coordinated defensive and offensive plays as a player progresses through the program. Our basketball leagues, camps and clinics enrich the lives of children beyond the sport of basketball by teaching sportsmanship values and instilling self-confidence with positive reinforcement. Learn more about i9 Sports basketball programs for different age groups below. We can’t wait to see your young athlete in the paint!

Calling all little dribblers and shooters! We have the perfect basketball program for you! The i9 Sports Pee Wee basketball curriculum focuses on helping your child become comfortable handling a basketball, teaching the fundamentals of the sport and how to play as part of a team. Through our instruction, your child can learn the basic skills needed to play basketball including how to properly dribble, shoot, pass and move with the ball. Drills aim to improve the large and fine motor skills, as well as cognitive development of this age group. For many players at this age, the concept of being on a team is new, so special emphasis is placed on working with others. Throughout the season, instructional activities are reinforced in different ways through a fun format designed specifically to engage this age group. At this age, it’s all about building your child’s confidence in basketball so rules are loosely enforced with a heavy emphasis on teachable moments. At this stage, the most important outcomes are to develop a love of the game, increased self-confidence, and to have fun!
Whether your child is shooting free throws every day or is brand new to the sport, you’ll find what you need for your child in our basketball program. For all skill levels, our i9 Sports Junior basketball curriculum reinforces the basics of the game so young athletes grow in their mastery of dribbling, passing and shooting. At the same time, coaches and instructors introduce more advanced skills with an emphasis on offensive plays and defensive principles. This teaches children to think beyond themselves and start operating as a team unit. Your child will learn to drive down the court with the ball, how to box out for the rebound, and how to move the ball effectively on a fast break. The focus is on progress, not perfection. Drills aim to improve the large motor skills as well as spatial awareness. Scores are kept and rules are enforced through teachable moments in a fun environment. The most important thing to us is that when the buzzer sounds, the kids say, “Wow! That was fun! Can we keep playing?!”
Once players reach our senior division they have a deep love for the game of basketball and a desire to work together as a team. The i9 Sports Senior basketball curriculum starts by revisiting the fundamentals of the game and quickly moves to finessing those skills. Coaches and instructors aim to improve large motor skills, spatial awareness and teamwork. As the season progresses, drills become more advanced and teach our senior athletes how to perform under pressure of the clock and their opponents. Drills are focused on more complex activities that include fast breaks, coordinated offensive plays, and multiple defensive structures. Your child will now learn explosive plays, improve their footwork and develop their range and accuracy of shooting. Scores are kept and rules are enforced. As players continue to gain confidence in the sport, the game naturally becomes more competitive in a fun, age appropriate setting. As kids in this age group grow in their basketball mastery, their leadership abilities and understanding of good sportsmanship also matures.