Minneapolis Youth Sports Leagues

Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer, Baseball and Multi Sport youth sports leagues for kids ages 3 and up in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a youth sports league in Minneapolis, Minnesota that offers healthy competition while teaching kids about fair play and good sportsmanship? i9 Sports® has you covered. With sports programs for kids three and up, all skill levels are welcome. Children can choose from Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer, Baseball and Multi Sport. No tryouts or drafts and our policy of equal play means all athletes get their chance to shine on and off the field. Your child will enjoy making new friends while learning new skills weekly. Learn more about why we’re one of the most trusted youth sports leagues in the nation, with over three million registered players.

Discover the Many Benefits of Participating in i9 Sports®

Our well-organized youth sports leagues in the Minneapolis area offer families many benefits, including:

  • Practices are conveniently scheduled prior to games
  • No tryouts or drafts – all ages and skill levels welcome
  • Age-appropriate instruction focused on fun, sportsmanship, and healthy competition
  • No parental fundraising or concession duties required
  • Weekly sportsmanship awards given to deserving players
  • Equal playing time for all athletes with rotating positions
  • Trained officials at every game
  • “When in Doubt Sit Out” Concussion Safety Policy
  • Ongoing educational resources for parents and coaches

Explore The Way Youth Sports Should Be® in Minneapolis

Explore The Way Youth Sports Should Be® with i9 Sports®. Our community-based youth sports programs in the Greater Minneapolis Area make sports fun, exciting, and convenient for busy families on the go. Children who play sports gain self-esteem while igniting a new passion and learning about teamwork. Contact us today to learn how you can sign up to join the fun with our organized youth sports programs!