Fort Lauderdale Youth Sports Programs

Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, lacrosse and volleyball Programs for Kids Ages 3 and Up

i9 Sports® offers fun, organized and educational youth sports leagues throughout the Fort Lauderdale area. Kids can choose from a variety of sports such as flag football, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and even volleyball.

Serving families in the Fort Lauderdale area for more than 15 years, i9 Sports is the nation’s largest multi-sport provider focused solely on high-quality, community-based youth sports programs. We are committed to providing age-appropriate instruction for boys and girls age 3 and up and most importantly, making sports fun for kids and convenient for today’s busy families. To us, it’s The Way Youth Sports Should Be®.

In each of our leagues in the Fort Lauderdale area, families can expect:

  • Age-appropriate instruction emphasizing sportsmanship and healthy competition.
  • All skill levels welcome – No tryouts. No drafts.
  • Everyone plays – every game.
  • No fundraising.
  • One day per week – practice is conveniently scheduled prior to the game.
  • Trained officials at every game.
  • “When in Doubt Sit Out” Concussion Safety Policy and education for parents and coaches.

Every week, the focus is on a new skill that will help players become successful both on and off the field. A weekly sportsmanship award is given to a deserving player on each team for skills such as listening, fair play and teamwork. Find one of our i9 Sports Fort Lauderdale youth sports leagues for your child today!

See what parents in our Fort Lauderdale youth sports programs say about i9 Sports:

I love that i9 Sports accepts everyone and believes that all kids can contribute and be successful.
–Jimmique G. from Hollywood, FL

Coaching my kids teams makes i9 Sports unique and extra special. My kids always ask me whether I’m coaching them, and when I say yes, they are happy and look forward to playing. Also, the whole i9 Sports staff are very friendly and nice whenever speaking with them. They make the experience better for everyone especially the kids!
–Jim J. from Plantation, FL

i9 Sports focuses on core values that center around the children’s mental, emotional, self esteem health, as well as their physical development of the sport they’re a part of.
–John E. from Coral Springs, FL

The entire process is designed for continuous engagement, learning and fun. A specially pleasant surprise was the “quality” or “virtue” of the week related to sports, helpfulness, respect, and listening, in just the right measure to set the tone for the day. Universal participation at all levels: Each kid gets to play several positions, parents can assist as they are capable and share their talents. My son really enjoys it.
–Val M. from Southwest Ranches, FL

i9 Sports offers youth sports leagues in a number of locations in the Fort Lauderdale area, including:
kids run through a parent tunnel before their flag football game

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