Fun & Non-Competitive Cheerleading for Kids

When kids want to learn to cheer, experience the teamwork of synchronized dances, and generally have fun being outside with their friends, i9 Sports has a cheer program near you! Cheerleading at i9 Sports focuses on fun and enjoyment – with no competitions, just fun.

Safety comes first, so there’s no tumbling or stunting.

i9 Sports Cheerleading Season

The cheerleading season at i9 Sports runs the same length of time and on the same days as our other sports, so it’s ideal for families who have kids who want to play multiple sports on the same day.

Our cheerleaders get to cheer at the sports they’re near – whether it’s baseball, flag football, soccer, basketball and more. At the coach’s discretion, there can be a cheer practice before cheering at the game, or kids can come and cheer directly at the game.

Cheerleading Age Groups

There are no distinct age groups for cheerleading at i9 Sports, but on the first day of the season, kids will be sorted into groups based on general ages, sizes, and previous experience.

Like all sports at i9, there are no tryouts – and every child cheers at every game, every week. Everyone is included and everyone has a place at i9 Cheerleading.

What to Expect from i9 Cheerleading

Each time your cheerleader comes to cheer, they’ll work on learning cheers, stretching, and basic jumps and dances. The total time commitment is between 30 – 90 minutes, depending on if the coach chooses to have practice before the game.

Cheerleaders will have a set time to arrive, and will work with their groups and coaches to learn new skills. Each week, practice will generally focus on 1-2 key skills, letting kids focus on what they’re learning without being overwhelmed.

Practices will include time for stretching and movement, helping young cheerleaders gain flexibility and agility.

Sportsmanship with i9 Cheerleading

As with all sports at i9, sportsmanship and sportsmanship values are key with cheerleading. Coaches focus on sportsmanship, and each week one child will get a sportsmanship award.

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