Chattanooga Youth Sports Leagues

Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball youth sports leagues for kids ages 3 and up in Chattanooga

i9 Sports® offers kids in Chattanooga, Tennessee a youth sports league full of fellowship and fun. Athletes ages 3+ choose from some of the most popular sports, including Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball. We put a special emphasis on sportsmanship and healthy competition to ensure athletes have a great time on and off the field. i9 Sports® has over three million registrations nationwide, making it a place for families wanting to build a sports community for their children.

Benefits of Signing Up Your Child for i9 Sports® Programs

Young athletes in Chattanooga, TN can enjoy the many advantages of i9 Sports®, including:

  • Equal playing time for all athletes
  • Age-appropriate instruction
  • Learning about sportsmanship and healthy competition
  • Healthy sports and home balance
  • Practice is scheduled once a week before the game
  • No fundraising hassles
  • “When in Doubt Sit Out” Concussion Safety Policy and continued education
  • Trained officials at every game

Sign Up for i9 Sports® in Chattanooga, Tennessee

i9 Sports® provides a safe place for all ages and skill levels to come together in a positive community. We believe It’s The Way Youth Sports Should Be®. Our athletes enjoy sports at a fun and educational level. We’re committed to providing convenience to today’s busy families and teaching skills to take throughout life. Contact us today to learn more!

One i9 Sports Soccer player