Cary Youth Sports Leagues

Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball youth sports leagues for kids ages 3 and up in Cary

i9 Sports® is one of the most fun and exciting ways to join an educational youth sports league in Cary, North Carolina. Athletes ages 3 and up can choose from a variety of sports, including Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball. With more than four million registrations nationwide, we’re committed to focusing on age-appropriate instruction and sportsmanship skills. We get excited about helping young athletes find sports they love while developing everyday life skills. To us, It’s The Way Youth Sports Should Be®.

Age-Appropriate Instruction & Other Benefits of i9 Sports®

i9 Sports® brings youth sports to the next level by offering multiple advantages, including:

  • Equal playing time for all athletes
  • Welcome all skill levels
  • One day-a-week commitment, combining practice and games
  • No fundraising
  • “When in Doubt Sit Out” Concussion Safety Policy and continued education
  • Trained officials at every game
  • Age-appropriate instruction with specific emphasis on sportsmanship

Sign Up For i9 Sports® in Cary, North Carolina

i9 Sports® offers a Pee Wee, Junior, and Senior program. We give a weekly sportsmanship award to an athlete showcasing exemplary teamwork. We invite you to choose from our many youth sports leagues in Cary, NC today! Check out our FAQ page to learn more. Contact us today!

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