We’re Ready to Return to Play Safely

As the nation gradually reopens, we are excited to return to play safely and know you are too! But there is a natural cautiousness that we have all adopted after weeks of hunkering down in our homes. How do we strike the right balance between getting on with our lives and continuing to do the responsible thing for our families and our community? While the answers will differ by area, we are taking certain precautions that may put your mind at ease.

We want to assure you that getting back to the fun will not come at the expense of safety. In our leagues, we have undertaken a rigorous “Return to Play Safely” protocol to ensure the safety of your family and all participants. This season, you will notice a few new things during game day including the following safety measures:

i9 Sports® Return to Play Safely Protocol

  • Our staff will be disinfecting equipment before, during and after activities.
  • We will limit the number of spectators at the venue by strongly recommending that only one parent/guardian per player be in attendance, if possible.
  • Social distancing measures will be implemented on sidelines and celebrations modified:
    • Spectators will stand a minimum of 6 feet apart from others and from the sidelines. Social distancing may be greater than 6 feet in accordance with state and local health guidelines.
    • Parent tunnels will be replaced with clapping lines.
    • No high fives, handshakes or intentional physical contact. 
  • Staff, parents and participants will be required to stay home if they, or anyone they have come in contact with, is sick.

As circumstances vary across the country, i9 Sports® local offices may consider putting into effect additional safety measures as necessary and in compliance with state and local guidelines. Review the individual program details for programs in your area.  Bottomline, we want you to be able to return to play safely and with confidence knowing you’ll get the same fun, quality instruction and convenience you’ve come to love and expect from i9 Sports®

Until we see you again, let’s all do our part. And when it’s time to take the field or court again, we’ll make sure we do it together… safely.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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