Trying Multiple Sports is Critical to Child Development

What is Sports Sampling? 

Sports sampling means trying and playing multiple sports, and it isn’t just something that we like to talk about. It’s an integral part of our programming for boys and girls of all ages. We believe that kids develop better when they’re able to try multiple sports and various positions to discover what they like.

Aiden, an i9 Sports® parent from Sugar Land, Texas says, “This is a great way to try multiple sports to see what the kids might want to pursue further in the future.”

We believe sports sampling offers young athletes the best way to develop physically and mentally for a sport they may focus on later in life. However, we also know that only 2% of all kids who play sports in high school will get any form of an athletic scholarship to play in college, and only .1% will go on to play professionally.1 We want to help kids find a sport or multiple sports they love, but we also want it to remain a fun game with friends!

How Should Kids Try Multiple Sports? 

Michael from Rochester, Michigan believes i9 Sports® offers kids the best opportunity to explore new sports without performance pressure as well all the opportunity to play a sport just for fun.

i9 Sports® gives children a place to try a sport or multiple sports before they narrow down to the sport or sports they really want to focus on,” he said.

A child may be hesitant to try a sport for the first time for fear of failure or embarrassment. Removing the win-at-all-costs mentality gives children the freedom to learn a new sport. Building confidence will help them grow mentally and physically.

“It’s hard to find a league that kids can try out a new sport or switch around,” said Renee Esses.

Programs Designed for Kids To Try Different Youth Sports

Our programs are designed to be convenient for parents and families which makes it easier for kids to sample multiple sports. Our leagues only require one day a week with practices held before each week’s game.

“I feel i9 Sports® allows kids to try multiple sports at a less rigorous pace/commitment. This enables them to decide which sport(s) they like without taking up an entire weekend or multiple days,” said Michele from Thornton, Colorado. “Kids need time to be kids, so sports need to be eased into at the younger ages or many become burnt out and do not want to play as they reach high school, which is very unfortunate.”

Risks of Over-Specializing Kids in Sports Too Early

Studies show that kids who specialize in a sport at a young age are more likely to suffer from decreased motivation and an increased risk of burnout. 70% of children quit organized sports by the age of 13. Our programs are designed to do the exact opposite and parents love that their children can try multiple sports without an overloaded schedule!

“I love that the seasons have 7 games, allowing my kids to try multiple sports back to back,” said a parent in the Dallas area. “We love that the kids can experience a sport in a supportive environment.”

Single sport specialization is one of the biggest challenges in youth sports right now and is driving a staggering increase in physical and emotional burnout among kids. i9 Sports® delivers a youth sports experience designed to fix this problem and offers a recreational experience for kids and families that fits their lifestyle and is fun!   

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