Today’s Busy Families are Desperate for Convenient Youth Sports Schedule

Coordinating schedules for a busy family is one of the most widespread challenges faced by today’s parents. Juggling who needs to be where and when becomes a never-ending game of Tetris for even the most organized moms and dads. For the most time-stressed families, enrolling their children in extra-curricular or after school activities can seem impossible. We understand this dilemma and it’s one of the primary reasons we developed our one day a week format. Not only are we are committed to providing age-appropriate instruction that is fun for kids, but we are devoted to making the youth sports experience easy for today’s busy families. 

What are the benefits of once-a-week youth sports leagues? 

“They are organized and convenient for my family,” said Casey, an i9 Sports® parent from Jacksonville, Florida. “My daughter can participate in something she is interested in while my son pursues his own interests. Even though they are different ages, we can still attend the games as a family at the same location.”

Are there convenient youth sports programs? 

Cathryn from Suwanee, Georgia believes i9 Sports® offers families a convenient approach to the youth sports experience which can consume a family’s life as well as cause frustration due to changing schedules and lack of communication. She recommends i9 Sports® to other parents because of “the convenience of once per week practice and game combined. Also, the ease of taking care of everything online: registration, gear ordering, schedules, snack sign-ups. 

“It’s very easy for busy working families,” said Cathryn.

What are easy ways for your child to play multiple sports in the same season? 

What if your child wanted to try multiple sports? Would scheduling still be so “convenient”? Not only do we make it convenient for your child to try one sport, but we make it possible for them to sample multiple sports, which is critical to development. We make the process of allowing your child to figure out what sports they love easier and avoid burn-out by having practices and games on the same day and offering multiple sports year-round.

Aileen from Miami, FL enjoys, “that the kids get exposure to multiple sports at one time and can switch over into something else without any pressure from their coach to come back to the same sport.” 

Are there non-club sports leagues that put less pressure on kids? 

In the club team culture, you’ll not only feel pressure, as a parent, to travel for games and attend multiple practices a week, but you will also find your child will typically be in a high-pressure atmosphere focused on winning. We know that winning and losing with dignity is an important part of growing up, but we don’t let the score become more important than kids having fun on the field. 

“I love that there is healthy competition that does not put too much pressure on the children. The convenience of one day a week sports is liberating for our family. I love i9 Sports®,” said Adeola from Frisco, Texas. 

Chinyere an i9 Sports® parent from San Antonio, TX, agrees. “i9 Sports® is instructive without being overly competitive or grueling; appropriate for young kids who just need physical activity and (above all) FUN! Having both practice and the game on the same day is very convenient for parents who don’t want their kids to miss out on activities because of their parents’ busy schedule. KUDOS!”

It’s also important to us that parents enjoy making memories with their child while their young athlete has fun learning and making friends. For that reason, we do not hold fundraisers, nor do we require parents to sell concessions on game day. 

Parents should have the right to expect that their child will get quality instruction and be given an equal opportunity to develop their skills to the best of their ability, but in a format that doesn’t require the child and family to put everything else in their lives second. Today’s busy families are desperate for a convenient youth sports schedule and we provide that all year long! 

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