Gift Guide For Sports Moms

Sports Moms are always on the go. Even when they’re at home, they’re thinking and prepping for the next game, practice, recital, or other family outings. If you’re not sure what gift to get your Sports Mom, here are some ideas to help with those busy gamedays:


1. Outdoor Blanket:

Not all blankets are meant to survive the elements. An outdoor waterproof blanket for games is a great way to stay warm and keep your other favorite blankets from getting ruined in unpredictable weather. Take it up a notch for fall and winter sports, and upgrade Mom to a heated blanket! This blanket is battery-operated through its own portable power bank and can keep her and the family warm for 4-6 hours depending on the temperature setting.


2. Backpack Cooler:

Coolers are an essential part of every sports family. Whether it’s for the siblings and parents on the sidelines, or the athletes themselves, the cooler has one of the most important roles- keep the drinks cold, and the snacks fresh. However, carrying these coolers along with the other equipment can be quite the hassle. Make it easier with a backpack cooler! Backpack coolers may not be as big as a full size cooler, but it does take up less room. Instead of shoving it in a wagon, or trying to get others to help, Mom can throw it on her back and keep going.

There are tons of backpack coolers to choose from. They come in different sizes so you can choose how much you think you need your cooler to hold. We recommend looking for one that is leakproof and can keep ice cool for longer periods of time. This specific cooler comes in a variety of colors and happens to float in the water so Mom can even bring it on vacations and beach days!


3. Off-Road Wagon:

Wagons make it easy to carry your essentials for sports, camping, and beach days. We highly recommend a wagon with all-terrain wheels so it can get around soccer and baseball fields with ease. This wagon also comes with double decker storage, so Mom can store chairs or tents on the bottom and still have room to sit coolers, bags, and even smaller children! With a 250-lb load capacity, this is a great gift to help Moms out on any occasion.


4. The Perfect Sports Chair:

This lawn chair has something for everyone. It’s oversized, so Mom can spread out more, or hold kids in her lap more comfortably. It also has a spot for all of her necessities such as the side pocket, cooler, or cup holder. For those that may be outside in the cold, we recommend looking into this heated chair! Though more expensive, the heated chair gives Mom a side pocket, cooler, cup holder, and the ability to warm the chair for up to 10 hours on low heat.


5. Portable Battery:

Having a portable battery is both convenient and great for emergencies. You never know when Mom might get a flat tire, or maybe there’s just a picture-perfect moment where she needs her phone. She can make sure it’s charged and ready with a portable battery. These batteries can help put her mind at ease, knowing she always has a backup if her phone dies.


6. Cooling Towel:

She’s not a regular Mom, she’s the cool Mom. Keep her and the whole team cool with cooling towels. There are many different towels to choose from depending on what type of material Mom may prefer. This towel is eco-friendly, chemical free, and even offers UV protection. If having a damp towel around her neck isn’t Mom’s style, you can also check out these personal neck fans. The neck fan is battery powered and has three speed options. Keep it simple and cost effective or upgrade to a sleeker design.


7. UV Sunglasses:

If the Sports Mom in your life spends a lot of time outside, UV sunglasses are a great gift. Not only are they stylish, but they help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays in the sun. Polarized sunglasses offer great protection whether Mom is out at the game, driving, gardening, or relaxing by the pool.


8. Comfortable Sneakers:

Comfortable sneakers are a must for Mom on the go. You never know when she will be chasing after little ones, or running to save the day with the lunch you forgot in the fridge. Look for soft cushiony shoes for more support. With tons of brands and styles to fit your Sports Mom, the options are endless.


9. Insulated Cup:

Insulated cups of any kind are great for traveling to indoor and outdoor sports. They can keep drinks cold or hot depending on Mom’s choice of beverage. If your Sports Mom is into fitness and uses shaker cups for protein shakes or other supplements, you could even get her an insulated shaker bottle!


10. Travel Laundry Bag:

Help keep Mom’s car clean and odor-free with a travel laundry bag. These bags are a great place to throw smelly athletic gear after a game whether she’s driving the family home in the car, or everyone is staying in one hotel room.


Moms are elite and do everything they can to give us the best opportunities in life. No matter who the Mom figure is in your life, these are great options to help celebrate and support a busy lifestyle.


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