The Benefits of Playing Volleyball

The i9 Sports® volleyball program is played indoors or outdoors in a 4 v 4 or 6 v 6 format. Small team sizes allow your child to get maximum touches on the ball. The game is designed to keep kids moving, engaged and learning new skills. 

With modified court sizes and rules, the i9 Sports® format is the perfect way to teach kids ages 7 – 14 the fundamentals of volleyball while developing their hand-eye coordination, agility, and overall athletic skills. And best of all, it comes with all the benefits you’ve come to expect from i9 Sports®: fun, safety, and emphasis on good sportsmanship

Volleyball is a Full Body Workout

From spiking the ball, to running after it, or diving, Volleyball is a sport that incorporates each muscle at a high intensity rate. Combined with the focus it requires, it’s a workout for both the body and mind!

Volleyball is a Great Way to Learn Sportsmanship in Youth Sports

Being part of a team sport requires your child to pay attention to their teammates and anticipate the moves on the other side of the net. Volleyball demands good communication and teaches the value of hard work and fairness. 

Volleyball Teaches Hand-Eye Coordination

Your child will need to pay close attention to the ball at all times for hitting, serving, and blocking. Keeping their eyes on the ball will allow them to hit and pass whenever necessary and helps develop hand-eye coordination over time. 

Volleyball Enhances Muscular Performance

Volleyball uses arm, leg, and hand movement, circulating more blood, oxygen, and nutrients through your child’s body. This circulation improves functions of the body and overall health and well-being. 

Volleyball builds balance, stamina, and speed

Volleyball heightens your child’s senses and challenges their skills. Setting, attacking, blocking, and digging the ball helps to develop balance, speed and stamina. 

infographic of volleyball benefits