Sportsmanship Activity Book

Sportsmanship. It’s one word that means SO MUCH, and at i9 Sports®, it’s at the core of everything we believe. Playing a sport isn’t just important for a child’s physical development. When kids participate in youth sports, they learn valuable life lessons that are remembered long after the final whistle blows. That’s why we are excited to provide our Sportsmanship Activity Book!

Each week, we integrate one of our nine sportsmanship values into practice and game play across all age groups. When a coach teaches kids about a value like respect or teamwork, those lessons positively impact their attitude in the classroom and at home. When we teach about enthusiasm or integrity, kids learn that encouraging others and doing the right thing is just as important as scoring a goal or winning the game.

We’ve created an entire activity book based on our i9 Sports® Sportsmanship Values, because while these values are very important, we think they should be fun too! From word scrambles to mazes, your child will have a blast learning sportsmanship values like positivity, humility integrity and more! Enjoy the i9 Sports® Sportsmanship Activity Book and don’t forget to share with us using the hashtag #sportsmanshipcounts. (Seriously, please share. We live for this!)