Should Your Child Play Basketball?

Curious about whether you should register your child for basketball? 

Four Reasons to Consider Registering Your Son or Daughter for Youth Basketball  

You Can Play Youth Basketball All Year

All you need is a ball! No other equipment is needed to start playing basketball. Many i9 Sports® locations offer basketball year-round. But even if your child can’t play in an organized basketball league in the summers, it’s easy for them to find a court and practice their skills. During the winter months (which is commonly thought of as basketball season), there are plenty of options to find an i9 Sports® program for your child.

Youth Basketball Helps Develop Teamwork Skills in Kids

Team sports like basketball help your child develop the skills and knowledge needed to be able to work and play well with others.  Basketball only allows five teammates on the court at once, encourages kids to figure out ways to work together to either stop their opponent on defense or make baskets on offense.  By developing teamwork skills, children will also learn how to be supportive of their teammates and how to share with others.

Basketball Helps Kids With Their Physiological Development

Get your kid started on basketball early! i9 Sports® offers youth basketball leagues, camps and clinics for kids as young as four years old. Learning to dribble, throw, and catch a ball gives your child a head start on key motor skills and hand eye coordination. Working on these types of skills at young age will develop your child’s major muscle groups and set good habits for a healthy life.   

Basketball Teaches Kids the Benefits of Practice

Basketball is one sport where your child can definitely see the benefits of practice and hard work. It’s not easy at first to put that round ball through the hoop but encouraging your child to keep at it and practice will lead to success. As they practice more, they’ll be able to score with more difficult shots and see how their hard work pays off.

With age-appropriate instruction at every level of our basketball programs, your child will be able to learn and develop no matter how old they are.  If you are interested in registering your child for youth basketball, click here!