Preparing Your Child For Their First Youth Soccer Season

Buying Soccer Equipment
When you sign up for an i9 Sports® league, you will receive an i9 Sports® jersey (included in the registration fee). In addition to the jersey, you’ll need to purchase some equipment for your child to be properly outfitted for soccer.  Your child will need sneakers or rubber soled cleats, socks and shin guards. You can purchase shorts or athletic pants for your child or you can choose to order the official i9 Sports® shorts which complement the jersey. Practice and game soccer balls will be provided; however, if you want to purchase a soccer ball for your child to practice with at home, make sure you purchase the correct size ball for them to use.  If they are between the ages of 3-9, then a size 3 ball is age appropriate for them. If they are between the ages of 9 and up, then a size 4 ball is the correct size.

Teach Them the Basics
Even though your child will receive more detailed, age-appropriate instruction from their coach, it always helps to give them a general idea of the sport before their first practice. Going over the basics of dribbling and passing in advance will give them a head start for their first practice.  Explaining to children about teamwork and sharing can also be beneficial before the season starts, so children understand the importance of working together on the field as a team.

Teach Good Daily Habits
Teaching children about sufficient rest, good nutrition and daily exercise will help them as they grow older to develop healthy habits they’ll maintain through their adult lives.  Talk to your child about getting the proper amount of sleep for their body to recover, especially before and after game day.  Educate them on proper nutrition and making healthy food choices so they are properly fueled for each practice and game.

Have Fun
Above all else, encourage your child to have fun! Kids and parents can get distracted by issues such as winning or losing, how many goals were scored or who is passing who the ball.  Youth sports should be about fun and learning. Make sure that you’re always encouraging your child, as well as other players to keep the atmosphere positive and upbeat.  

If you are interested in signing your son or daughter up for an i9 Sports® soccer league in your area, click here