Our Age-Appropriate Approach to Basketball

Finding a youth basketball program that balances instruction with healthy competition can be challenging for parents. At i9 Sports®, we want to make sure your child receives the right amount of instruction, regardless of how old they are. We’ve developed age-appropriate curriculums for three different age groups designed to fit your child’s needs.

Pee Wees

The i9 Sports® Pee Wee basketball curriculum focuses on helping your child become comfortable handling a basketball while teaching the fundamentals of the sport. Teaching kids about teamwork is an important part of this program because this will be the first team experience for many kids. 

Through our instruction, your child can learn the basic skills needed to play basketball including how to properly dribble, shoot, pass and move with the ball.  Drills aim to improve the large and fine motor skills, as well as cognitive development of this age group. During the season, instructional activities are planned in fun formats designed specifically for kids of this age. 

The most essential elements of the Pee Wee basketball program are to increase your child’s self-confidence playing basketball and to have fun!


The Juniors basketball program emphasizes the basics of the game so your child can continue to grow their skills in dribbling, shooting and passing. While remaining focused on fundamentals, this level of play starts to incorporate additional advanced skills such as offensive plays. 

Your child will learn about key basketball principles such as boxing out for the rebound, driving to the basket and how to execute a fast break. We keep score at the Juniors level, but we’re still always looking for teachable opportunities to help your child progress. 

The goal of the Juniors program is help your child advance their basketball skills while keeping things fun so that they’ll keep playing. 


Kids playing in our oldest age group have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of basketball. Our i9 Sports® coaches work with these young athletes to help them fine-tune their skills while teaching more complex parts of the game. 

Coordinated offensive plays and varying defensive structures are part of the instructional process. Scores are kept and rules are enforced. As players continue to gain confidence in the sport, the game naturally becomes more competitive in a fun, age appropriate setting. As kids in this age group grow in their basketball mastery, their leadership abilities and understanding of good sportsmanship also matures.

We have an age-appropriate plan for your child to be successful on the court. Our focus is always on teaching good skills and good sportsmanship and emphasizing healthy competition. Find an i9 Sports® basketball program in your area to get your child started today!