Keep Your Kids and Yourself Active over the Holidays

Whether you have cold weather in your city during the holiday season or your kids are out of school and at home, it’s a challenge to keep them busy and active during this time of year. Instead of eating sweets in front of the TV or the computer, try out some of these ideas to keep them active during the holiday break:

Holiday Lights Stroll
Take the family for a walk through the neighborhood to see the holiday light displays. This is a great way to burn calories and spend quality time together. If your neighborhood isn’t known for holiday light displays, find one near you and drive the family over for a nice evening stroll.

Active Gifts
Gifts are great ways to encourage your kids to take up an activity. Buy your child a holiday gift that will get them playing and staying active. Check out our latest blog post for some ideas. This can even be as simple as an indoor basketball goal to hang on the back of their bedroom door!

Fun Video Workouts
Create a regular workout schedule for you and your kids during the holidays. You can develop your own routine or find a number of options on YouTube. Make it fun and find a kids-focused exercise or a dance-off video that will have them moving and laughing!

Start a Holiday Sports Tradition
Use the time off to start a family tradition around your child’s favorite game. It could be an annual game of basketball or flag football that gets everyone (adults and kids) involved. Imagine the moments years from now when that traditional game you started is something you’re doing with your adult children and their young kids!

Indoor Activities
Find local indoor spots to keep your kids active during the break. Skating rinks, bowling alleys or even rock-climbing centers are great options to get out of the house and try something new with your children!

Don’t let screens dictate what your kids do over the holiday break. Keep fitness and physical activity a central part of your holiday planning. You’ll help keep yourself and your children active and encourage a lifestyle that will benefit them later in life.