Introducing The New i9 Sports® Mobile Coach App

Coaching youth sports is such a life changing experience, for both you and young athletes. The impact you will make is one that is memorable and so important. However, the idea of coaching may be scary for some and we totally get that! At i9 Sports® we make it simple and fun to become a confident coach and we are excited to introduce a new app that makes coaching easier than ever.

The new i9 Sports® Mobile Coach app is a one stop shop for all things you need to be a superhero coach each time you walk onto the field or court. 

i9 Sports® Mobile Coach helps coaches:

  • Review and execute weekly i9 Sports® practice plans.
  • Make practice plan in an easy to use template.
  • Get new ideas and coaching tips.
  • Customize plays using the whiteboard feature.
  • And so much more!

This Mobile Coach app is available for download on:

The Apple App Store and The Google Play Store

At i9 Sports®, we are committed to providing youth sports the way they should be. A big part of that commitment is supporting our coaches. If you are interested in coaching but haven’t signed up yet, you can start an unforgettable journey by filling out our Volunteer Application here!