The Best Gameday Snacks for Youth Sports

Say goodbye to cupcakes, cookies and other sugary snacks on gameday. Kids need healthier options before, during and after games to get the energy they need to play and to recover after. We’ve got ideas for everyone, even kids with a sweet tooth!

What to Focus on for Youth Sports Snacks

Before the game, consider giving your young athlete foods that combine carbs and protein for energy that lasts through the game. At halftime, consider giving your athlete fruits or other snacks with natural sugars for more energy throughout the second half. And then after, consider healthy snacks that are both filling and nutritious. 

If you’re bringing snacks for the team, easy to eat fruits and veggies are quick options. Clementines, oranges, and apples are all youth sports favorites. Easy to eat carrots or broccoli can also be easy and good. 

Tasty Snack Options for Youth Sports Gameday

Fruits as Snacks Before or After Youth Sports

You can’t go wrong with the natural basics. Fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges are all great choices to give kids the tasty flavors they want in a snack plus the health benefits they need. And think of how much fun the kids will have making orange slice smiles!

Trail Mix is a Great Snack Option for Kids Sports 

You can mix together some seeds, nuts, whole grain cereal such as Cheerios as well as some dried fruits, pretzels and tiny chocolate chips. This is a really easy snack for your kids to help you prepare. They can help you measure out portions and you can use it as an opportunity to teach them the healthy benefits of each part of the mix.  

Ants on a Log

Combine celery (the log) with some “ants” and you’ve got a fun, delicious treat your kids will love. The original recipe calls for spreading peanut butter on the celery with some raisins, but you can mix it up too. Peas, beans, berries and even goldfish crackers can take the place of “ants” for your logs. Here are some ideas to get you started.

In Summer, Freeze Low-Fat Yogurt Tubes For Kids Sports Snacks

Fruit + frozen yogurt = an easy and fun, healthy treat for your kids. These snacks are easy to make at home and will delight your kids and their teammates after they’ve finished their game. Let your kids pick their favorite combination of fruits and then mix with milk and yogurt. Pour the mixture into ice pop pouches, pop them in the freezer and you’re done! Click here for an easy recipe to follow.

Graham Cracker Fruit Sandwiches

This snack is full of sweet and savory flavors that kids will love. Vitamins from fruit, carbs from graham crackers and healthy fats from the cream cheese make this the perfect pre or post game snack. These treats are guaranteed to get touchdown-level cheers from your kids and their teammates!

Meat & Cheese Rolls

Looking for something a bit more filling than trail mix or an apple? Roll up a soft flour tortilla with some meat and cheese and slice it up. Want to add some of your own flavors? You can add lettuce, banana peppers and more. This is another recipe that’s easy to get the kids involved in helping you out. Lay out a tortilla and let your kids pick their veggies, deli meat and cheese. Get them to spread out their ingredients on the tortilla and then roll it up! Slice it up for them and slide a toothpick in each slice. Check out this recipe for some additional tasty options. More fun than a sandwich and with more flavors!

Popcorn Balls

This menu option might take a little more work than some of these other options, but they make for a delicious post-game snack. You can even get the kids involved in ideas on how to mix up the flavors, shapes and colors! Get started with your own today!

As you can see, preparing snacks for gameday that are both delicious and healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. We would love to see what snacks you’re making for gameday so share your recipes with us on any of our social channels!

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