6 Mental Benefits of Playing Youth Sports

When you think about enrolling your child in youth sports, you most likely think about how much fun they will have or how important it is for them to be physically active. What is often overlooked are the mental benefits kids receive from playing sports. Studies have shown that regular exercise during childhood helps children improve academic performance, behavior, and self-esteem. It has also proven to develop better attention and learning strategies, creativity, and mindset.  Here are six mental benefits kids receive from playing youth sports.

6 Mental Reasons Kids Should Play Youth Sports 

Youth Sports Help Boost Your Child’s Mood

Physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make your child feel happier and more relaxed. There are also social benefits in allowing your child to connect with teammates and friends in a recreational setting.

Youth Sports Improves Your Child’s Concentration 

Regular physical activity helps keep key mental skills sharp as your child ages. This includes critical thinking, learning, and using good judgment.

Kids Sports Help Reduce Stress and Depression 

Physical activity helps stimulate the production of endorphins, so by playing sports your child avoids getting bogged down by negative thoughts.

Youth Sports Improve Sleeping Habits in Kids

Being active by playing sports helps your child fall asleep faster and increases the amount of deep sleep they get, which is a key factor in their overall wellbeing.

Kids Sports Help Boost Your Child’s Confidence 

Your child’s strength, skills and stamina will all begin to increase, leading to more confidence one and off the field or court!

Youth Sports Instill Leadership Skills in Kids

By playing sports your child learns to train, try hard, win and lose as a team. This creates a team mindset that helps develop leadership qualities over time. (And leadership just happens to be one of our nine sportsmanship values that we teach in our programs!)

Every child deserves to lead a happy and healthy life, and sports can play a huge role in that. Find a program near you and sign your child up today!