2023 Sports Gift Guide For Kids

Looking for sporty gift ideas for your kids this holiday season? Look no further than our 2023 gift guide. Whether you’re looking for kids, teens, or maybe even an adult in your family, we have some ideas!

1. Fitbit for Kids

Are your kids asking for smartwatches at an early age? This kid friendly Fitbit is a great alternative to a more expensive high-tech smartwatch. Your kids can still feel like they’re competing with you in your daily step counts without the high price tag and fragile equipment.

A black Fitbit for kids that reads the time (12:58) and has a step count of 7,498 next to a background of small hand drawn planets.

2. Runaway Floor Basketball

Like a Roomba plus basketball, this neat gadget runs around your floor while your kids try to aim and get the ball in the moving basket. Having a moving target helps improve coordination and keep them entertained! Disclaimer, it may look like a Roomba, but it won’t vacuum your floor. 

A pre-teen boy shooting a foam basketball into a moving target on the floor. the target looks like a red Roomba with a white basketball net on top.

3. Ceiling Swish

Ceiling Swish is a unique way to pass the time indoors. Great for rainy days when they can’t go outside and play, kids can lay on the floor, bed, or couch, and try to shoot the ball in the hoop on the ceiling. It may not include any fancy technology, but it’s a good break from endlessly scrolling on phones all day.

Two young teens playing with the Ceiling Swish which is an upside down basketball hoop net attached to the ceiling. You can throw the plush basketball into the net on the ceiling to pass the time.

4. Coach Board

This year, we even thought of the coaches in your life! Maybe you, your spouse, or another family member is coaching your kid’s team. This board is great for all sports when it comes to sharing plays and strategies with the players.

A black dry erase board with an orange border around it. Comes with a black pen that you can use to draw plays for any sport.

5. SKLZ Reactive catch

This colorful tool is great for both kids and coaches. Coaches can use it during practice, and kids can use it for entertainment. It’s like the sports version of bop it! You can throw this in the air, yell out a color, and the player has to try and catch the correct color. Makes a great tool for hand-eye coordination and reaction drills.

The SKLZ reactive tool has 3 colored rods in a triangular shape. They are red, blue, and yellow. You can throw this in the air and call out a color so the player has to catch that exact color. It works on hand-eye coordination.

6. Pop A Pitch

This toy helps those who may be transitioning from t-ball to coach or player pitch. The toy pops up a ball with the touch of a button so that kids can work on their reaction time and perfect their swing. It’s also fun for them to have control over the ball for a change. If your kids are into golf, try this similar toy for golf balls. It comes with detachable heads so kids can practice swinging different clubs after the toy loads the ball for them.

7. Glow in the dark flag football

Flag football is officially in the 2028 Olympics in LA! With its soon-to-be Olympic debut, flag football is gaining more and more traction around the world. Grab this glow-in-the dark version and light up the field! Who knows, maybe your kids could be the ones playing flag football in the Olympics one day.

A young boy in all black cloths wearing bright blue glow-in-the-dark flag football flags around his waist.

8. Madden 24

We don’t usually encourage video games, but this can be a great way to bond over the holidays! Kids, teens, and adults alike enjoy playing video games, especially this well-known NFL based game.

A photo of Madden 24 video game for PlayStation 5 picturing Josh Allen in his blue Bills jersey.

9. Skip Ball

This probably looks familiar to many parents now and may even bring back some memories. They don’t call it a “Skip-It” anymore, but there’s no hiding this ankle-busting toy. Lucky for kids today, this one seems to have much softer material including a memory foam cushion around the ankle. Grab one and teach your kids a game from your childhood!

A small child with blond hair is wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and brown shoes as he skips around the bright yellow toy spinning around his ankle.

10. SmashNet

Very similar to the popular Spikeball game, Smashnet is like a mini version of pickleball without the paddles. Players divide into two teams and take turns serving diagonally. You must get the ball over the net within three hits. The first team with 11 points wins. This could be a fun new backyard activity to try for the older kids and adults!

Young adults playing a game called SmashNet. Two players are on each side of a net that is sitting out the ground. They bounce a bright yellow ball onto the bouncing part of the play area and over the net to the other side. It's like a mini version of pickleball without the paddles.


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