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March 22, 2019
Your Role as a Sports Parent
We’re committed to age-appropriate instruction and programming that helps your child grow mentally and physically. We’re also committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for players. It’s why we have every parent sign our Parental Pledge, promising to create a positive atmosphere. Here are a few ways parents can help their young players develop and grow on the field, at each age level:  
Pee Wees
For our youngest i9 Sports® athletes, we offer programming designed to keep kids learning and having fun. Starting at age 3, our Pee Wee sport curriculum is designed to grow with your child teaching skills and gameplay.
Children at this age can read and interpret the emotions of others, particularly when someone is upset or angry. It’s important for parents to be good role models of sportsmanship at this level. Staying positive on the sidelines can help your child learn the right way to play and cheer.
These young athletes are still developing their motor skills so parents should not get too involved with their child’s performance. Let them have fun! A winning-first mentality, especially at this level creates too much stress for children.
For i9 Sports® elementary-aged athletes, we offer programming designed to keep kids learning the fundamentals of the sport and understanding the dynamics of working as a team all while having fun. The curriculum teaches your child that winning and losing are part of the game, and it's how you win or lose that sets you apart from others.
Kids at this level of development are intensely interested in peer relationships and value the feeling of belonging and acceptance. Parents can help by promoting the value of teamwork to their children, emphasizing that working together helps achieve personal and group goals.
Juniors also are able to understand the viewpoints of others and are able to view themselves based on how they perform on the field. These children can recognize the feeling of pressure to win from parents. Keeping your child focused on putting in a good effort is important for this stage of development.
The i9 Sports® senior curriculum is designed to give our oldest age group opportunities to build on their skills and grow as an athlete all while continuing to love the game!
Major developmental milestones for kids at this age include beginning to question authority, further acceptance of parental beliefs and a desire to imitate older youth and adults. It’s crucial that parents refrain from any negativity towards officials, coaches or other players.
It’s also important that parents let the coach be the coach at this level. Age-appropriate programming at this level focuses on helping kids develop a greater mastery of the game, increasing their knowledge and application of the sport’s fundamentals.
Our goal is for kids to have FUN, but we also want our i9 Sports parents to enjoy the experience as much as their children! 
March 05, 2019
Do's & Don'ts For i9 Sports Parents
A survey* among youth athletes revealed that 31% wished adults weren’t watching their games – they said mostly because adults yell too much, are too distracting, make players nervous and put pressure on them to play better and win. At i9 Sports we always strive to create a positive atmosphere and we know parents play a large part in that. The infographic below can help you, as an i9 Sports parent, prepare for gameday and learn the do's and don'ts for the sidelines.


* Source: 2012 i9 Sports Association, national survey of children, ages 8-14, who play team sports.

February 13, 2019
What Snacks Should My Kid Eat Before During and After Games?
Making sure your child is properly fueled up and ready to go on gameday is just as important as making sure they have their jersey on before they take the field or court. Your kid will be able to play their best if they feel their best and nutrition is a large part of that. Find out which foods are best for before, during, and after games!

February 05, 2019
Valentine's Day Printables
Knock Valentine's Day out of the park this year with our FREE printable Valentine's Day cards! Your kids will love addressing them to their friends and sharing their love of sports.

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