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i9 Sports Office - Chicago, Park Ridge, Niles, Des Plaines

Flag Football and Basketball

Izzy Rahim - Program Director

4044 N. Lincoln Ave.

Unit 297

Chicago, IL   60618

Office: 847-480-7767

Weather Hotline: 847-380-1339

Email: izzy.rahim@i9sports.com

Chicago, Park Ridge, Niles, Des Plaines
A message from Program Director Izzy Rahim (Chicago, Park Ridge, Niles, Des Plaines)
  We would like to thank you again for volunteering this season!  The kids and us really appreciate your effort and decision to volunteer. We are looking forward to another great fall season of football!  As per the email, we would like to remind you that the coaches meeting ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Are you looking for things to do at home with your little athlete, but not sure exactly what to do.  Check out our At-Home Drill Cards for inspiration.  These cards give instruction, age range, how many people and equipment needed.  They are just a starting point so feel free to make ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Coaching with i9 Sports is easy and fun!  It is only one day a week and a great way to help kids succeed in life.  i9 Sports provides all the resources and support you will need to have a great season, you don’t even have to have kids in the program! How do you become a coach? It’s ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Be cool AND warm in our new i9 Sports beanie hat! It's perfect for players, spectators and all family members to show their team spirit both on and off the field. Keep warm on colder weather days in this 100% acrylic cap that features the i9 Sports logo embroidered onto the 3-inch folding cuff. Get ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
With back to school season comes the decision for parents to enroll their children in a youth sports league. i9 Sports is proud to have been featured in USA Today as a safer alternative for families who want to enjoy the benefits of involving their kids in football, one of America's ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
How many times have you tried to capture that first goal, first catch, or first swing only to get unrecognizable blurry blobs instead? Adorable blobs, but nonetheless not what you wanted! Sports and action shots are some of the most difficult shots to get. Make it easier on yourself by following some ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"The kids have fun"

Lisa B.  (May 2015)

"Fun and not time consuming-love that practice and game is same day"

Michelle D.  (May 2015)

"Excellent communication with parents and coordination; excellent coaches; all kids play and can try different positions; good warm-up routines; kids get to choose the team names"

Wendy R.  (May 2016)

"The Olympia Park program is very good."

Joyce Y.  (May 2015)

"Very organized. Kind and caring volunteers and good understanding of what is developmentally appropriate for young children"

Sean G.  (May 2015)