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Tom Cunningham - Program Director

Office: 704-766-0633

Weather Hotline: 704-625-0686

Email: Tom.Cunningham@i9sports.com

I grew up playing sports; baseball, football, basketball, soccer and wall-ball with my younger brother. My mom was a single mother and we struggled financially but she made sure that my brother and I had structure, exercise and playmates during the hardest of times.

Sports have defined my life in many ways. I played rugby in college and continued on a men's team after graduation. I learned many rules for my everyday life through those sports; show up, come prepared, be a team player, help others and always give it your all and leave everything on the field.

I hope when you entrust your children to us at i9 you know that we are teaching them these life skills while playing their favorite sports. I am so thankful that I have been able to foster my love of sports and make it a career and I feel so blessed to be a part of i9.

At i9 we are a family, learning healthy competition and life lessons together, and I am so glad you are a part of it!
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A message from Program Director Tom Cunningham (Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Mooresville)
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Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"All kids are treated equal and the coach works with each and everyone "

"I think the program offered a good starting foundation for toddlers. My only suggestion is, if possible to keep the same consistent coach. Some coaches were better than others and kept the kids more engaged. "

"Great communication and all activities have been great and well organized."

"i9 Sports is the perfect blend of competition, fun, and teamwork for my young son. The coaches and staff are very pleasant to the kids as well as the parents! We've joined flag football and soccer for years!"

"Organized, great communication "