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Steve Ragsdale - Program Director

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A message from i9 Sports
“While some of our Senior leagues might offer a boys or girls-only league for a more competitive offering, we recommend kids play coed sports under the age of 10,” said Alli Wentzell, Director of Sports Programming and Education at i9 Sports.  Learn more about why we play coed in our ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Trying a sport for the first time can be challenging for any kid. Feeling confident about where to stand, when to shoot and what to do can be tough, especially for a child with autism.   But with the help of an encouraging basketball coach and a positive atmosphere at i9 Sports, 11-year-old Zenaiya's ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We want to help kids find a sport or multiple sports they love, but we also want it to remain a fun game with friends! Find out more about why trying and playing multiple sports is an integral part of our programming on our newest blog post! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We understand that kids learn differently at every age. Through our age-appropriate programming, we’ve designed a curriculum for kids to master sports skills, build confidence, develop a love of sports and have fun! Learn more about how we design our sports programming to fit your child’s ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"This is my first year but I like that the coaches are professionals and organized. Unlike other programs, it feels like they're actually learning and playing correctly. "

"Inclusive. Encouraging for kids"

"I like that it’s not something that’s time consuming. Most places have practices throughout the week as well as games on weekends. And for a 4 year that’s a lot to commit to. So as a parent having a game and practice in the same day is a blessing. "

"I've been really impressed with i9. I appreciate the organization and communication - a schedule was sent out in a very timely fashion. I like that the practice and game are both on Saturdays - as a family with two working parents, this makes things much easier. The practices are well organized. I
... Read More

"Basketball! My son is loving it! The coach is patient, and provides a safe place for kids to learn. "