i9 Sports

Clermont/Kissimmee, FL

Offering youth sports programs in Orlando, Clermont, Champions Gate, Kissimmee

Alli Hall - Program Director

Office: 321-231-8576

Weather Hotline: 321-710-4645

Email: alli.hall@i9sports.com

Greg and Alli Hall are the Area Developers for the i9 Sports Clermont/Kissimmee/Davenport region.

This i9 Sports territory has been in operation since mid-2017 and has successfully operated many seasons and has continued to grow and expand into new sports and venues.

The i9 Sports team in Clermont/Kissimmee/Davenport is committed to providing the BEST youth sports experience to our new and returning families.

We are looking forward to many wonderful seasons to come!
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A message from Program Director Alli Hall (Orlando, Clermont, Champions Gate, Kissimmee)
What does it take to be a great sports role model? The easy answer might be looking at who has the biggest shoe deal or who is the start of the latest sport apparel commercial. But are those always the types of athletes you want your kids looking up to? Finding a role model in sports for your child ... Read More
A message from Program Director Alli Hall (Orlando, Clermont, Champions Gate, Kissimmee)
One of the great programs we have available here at i9 Sports is our instructional program.   As stated on the i9 Sports website, when we do not receive enough registrations to make a league in a division, we will make an instructional team.  We bring in a paid instructor to work with volunteer ... Read More
A message from Program Director Alli Hall (Orlando, Clermont, Champions Gate, Kissimmee)
Are you interested in helping kids succeed in life through sports? You can! Consider signing up to be a volunteer coach. Not to worry - being a coach isn't as difficult as you may think! Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or family friend coaching is fun and easy with all the resources ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Whether you're enjoying gameday or making memories during family game night, we want to give you a fun way to capture those special moments. Enter by April 23rd  for a chance to win!  Enter to win here!! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
A survey* among youth athletes revealed that 31% wished adults weren’t watching their games – they said mostly because adults yell too much, are too distracting, make players nervous and put pressure on them to play better and win. At i9 Sports we always strive to create a positive ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"It’s nice to have a sports option for young kids that does not require multiple days a week for practice and games. It’s also nice to have a cooperative sports option to start children out to learn the art of playing organized sports. "

"We love I9 Sports. "

"I love that it’s early and one hour per week! "

"I love that practice and games are the same day!! We have a lot of fun on Sundays!!"

"I love how the kids help one another with each new skill. The advanced players help the new ones. Lots of positive sportsmanship. Not just about the score but having fun and personal goals."