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North Denver, CO

Offering youth sports programs in Denver, Thornton, Brighton, Commerce City

Ken Trager Jr. - Program Director

Owner, Ken Trager has been running i9 Sports programs in North Denver since 2014. The i9 programs strive to provide a well-organized, entertaining, and educational coed sports program for the North Denver kids ages three and up. We believe that participation in an organized youth sport activity is about more than just kids playing sports. It’s about creating an unparalleled experience in organization, convenience, safety, instruction, and fun. We would love to have you join us for an upcoming Program!
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Have you heard of our Refer a Friend Program? You can get $10 off your next registration for every friend you refer who also registers to play! Invite your friends to join the fun...the more friends the better. Members of i9 Sports can refer as many people to our programs as they would like. ... Read More
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Gear up for gameday with our newest designs! Show off that you're their biggest fan! Purchase an i9 Sports Mom or Dad shirt and wear it with pride. Shop all the new designs, including sport specific parent shirts, at the link below and let your child know that you are their #1 fan! ... Read More
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No one wants to see their child suffer, so as the weather begins to warm up, make sure your child is prepared to handle hot game days and you are prepared to recognize the signs of heat-related illness. See our newest blog post for warning signs and tips on how to avoid heat related problems ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"That it is based more on the kids having fun than the competition. I watched my nephew who plays baseball in another league and the fighting, cussing, and overall energy between coaches, umps, and parents was horrible. You could see the kids were very upset and I have never seen anything like that ... Read More

Eileen R.  (July 2015)

"i9's staff and coaches are very friendly and helpful. I love the convenience of the program - practice and games are back to back on the same day."

Ann M.  (November 2016)

"I like the Saturday practice and game schedule. It’s the best fit for my family. The coaches are nice and encouraging and it’s a positive atmosphere for my child to play in."

Laura V.  (January 2018)

"I like coaching and interacting with all the kids. It's only one day out of the week so it's easy to make time for each game. My favorite post of it seeing all the kids get excited about being active and playing with their teammates"

Kai D.  (July 2015)

"It's easy to sign up hassle free"

Erica C.  (May 2016)