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Offering youth sports programs in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Inspirada

League Office 309 - Program Director

i9 Sports is proud to be a community partner in the Las Vegas Valley. i9 Sports of SW Las Vegas & Henderson started in 2013 with 1 Venue and 90 players. We have become the fastest growing youth sports programs in Southern Nevada. Thank YOU!
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A message from Program Director League Office 309 (Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Inspirada)
Elevate your basketball game with i9 Sports®! The i9 Sports basketball program is designed to introduce young players to the sport while enhancing and fine-tuning the skills of more experienced players. With the i9 Sports curriculum, your child will learn the fundamentals of basketball with age-appropriate ... Read More
A message from Program Director League Office 309 (Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Inspirada)
Facebook www.facebook.com/i9sportsis309 Like US Today Twitter https://twitter.com/i9Sportsis309 Follow US Tomorrow Instagram https://www.instagram.com/i9sportsis309/ Follow US Forever ... Read More
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Whether you're enjoying gameday or making memories during family game night, we want to give you a fun way to capture those special moments. Enter by April 23rd  for a chance to win!  Enter to win here!! ... Read More
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A survey* among youth athletes revealed that 31% wished adults weren’t watching their games – they said mostly because adults yell too much, are too distracting, make players nervous and put pressure on them to play better and win. At i9 Sports we always strive to create a positive ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Love the new volleyball program the coaches are great, friendly atmosphere while learning great skills."

"I love the conveinence of same day practice and game times....it makes it so much easier to plan other events when you know you have a set time for i9 on one day. We also love how friendly and patient the employees are, whether its teaching the kids the rules of the game, or customer service at
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"I9 and coaching with I9 motivates me to be a better parent/coach/role model for my team and my own children. Positivity is reinforced and negativity is frowned upon which I hope results in better role modeling for our youth. They will have enough pressures and negative influences from other place
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"Its a great introduction to sports for my young child."

"My daughter not only learns the sports, but also sportsmanship and patience."