i9 Sports

SW Cuyahoga and Medina Counties (OH)

Offering youth sports programs in Cleveland, Strongsville, Medina, North Olmsted

Hec Hixson - Program Director

The i9 Sports program in Cuyahoga and Medina counties is managed by Hec Hixson & Brock Malinowski They have a passion for fun and fitness and coaching youth sports has led them to Area Developers. They exemplify the i9 Sports model where FUN is the priority, highlighted by a safe environment. Their goal is to provide programs that are inclusive, educational, teach good sportsmanship and are organized for parents. They understand busy life schedules as they are involved in their kids' sports, church and community. Their program provides the convenience of same-day practice and game schedules.

Sports offered include Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Zip Lacrosse and T-Ball. We have multiple playing locations around your area, including Strongsville, North Ridgeville/North Olmstead, and Medina to make it convenient for your family.
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A message from Program Director Hec Hixson (Cleveland, Strongsville, Medina, North Olmsted)
This Winter, we will have Clinics for the following sports: Baseball Basketball Soccer Go to Programs on the main and typ in your Zip code and then you uncheck the "leagues" box in the "Find A Program Near You" square and you can see all of the clinics that we offer here at i9 ... Read More
A message from Program Director Hec Hixson (Cleveland, Strongsville, Medina, North Olmsted)
Volleyball will be coming to i9 Sports in the Spring of 2020! We will be having a league at the 3D Center in Strongsville. It will be like our other leagues and we will have a practice and game on the same day ran by an experienced volleyball sports coordinator! The season will be 7 weeks long! Don't ... Read More
A message from Program Director Hec Hixson (Cleveland, Strongsville, Medina, North Olmsted)
We will now have basketball programs and clinics on the west side of Cleveland in North Ridgeville! Basketball programs will be available for the Late Fall and Winter Seasons!
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A message from Program Director Hec Hixson (Cleveland, Strongsville, Medina, North Olmsted)
2020 Indoor Winter Sports programs (Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Zip Lacrosse and T-Ball/Coach Pitch) are open for registration! The registration deadline is October11th! SEASON STARTS January 3rd, 2020 AND SAVE $20!!  We will have venues in the Hinckley, Strongsville, Parma Heights ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Start the new decade off right with a fun way to reach those fitness goals. Make sure to enter by January 28th for a chance to win a Fitbit Charge 3™! ENTER HERE! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Trying a sport for the first time can be challenging for any kid. Feeling confident about where to stand, when to shoot and what to do can be tough, especially for a child with autism.   But with the help of an encouraging basketball coach and a positive atmosphere at i9 Sports, 11-year-old Zenaiya's ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We are SO THANKFUL for our wonderful customers and want to give you a chance at winning this amazing prize! Enter now to win a $200 Amazon gift card and use it to get a head start on holiday shopping. ENTER HERE! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We want to help kids find a sport or multiple sports they love, but we also want it to remain a fun game with friends! Find out more about why trying and playing multiple sports is an integral part of our programming on our newest blog post! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We understand that kids learn differently at every age. Through our age-appropriate programming, we’ve designed a curriculum for kids to master sports skills, build confidence, develop a love of sports and have fun! Learn more about how we design our sports programming to fit your child’s ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"I’m very happy with the patience of the coaches with the littles in t-ball. They are awesome and do their jobs well. Thank you!"

"I am incredibly impressed with the thorough, frequent communication keeping me updated and reminding me about games, cancellations, etc. Excellent!"

"Great coaches, good programs"

"The coach was AWESOME!!! Very knowledgeable about Lacrosse and willing to share that knowledge in a way that made it relatable and understanding to the players! The laid back, not so intensive teaching was the best!!!"

"I absolutely love the convenience: it is fantastic that my child can have his practice and game on the same day, within a reasonable time frame. The entire program is well-tailored to ages and attention spans!"