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Rockland County, NY

Offering youth sports programs in Rockland, Pearl River, Stony Point, New City

Chika McIntosh - Program Director

Since 2013, i9 Sports - Rockland County has offered fun, recreational flag football, soccer, basketball, t-ball/coach-pitch baseball, cheerleading and lacrosse leagues and programs throughout the county. When you play with i9 Sports, your fee includes everything with no hidden costs: uniform, participation and sportsmanship medals, and more are all included. Practices and games are conveniently held on the same day, and there's absolutely no fundraising! Parents, how awesome is that? We honor buddy requests, so your child can play with his or her friends. Come play in one of our leagues or instructional programs, and learn the difference with the i9 Spots Experience!
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A message from Program Director Chika McIntosh (Rockland, Pearl River, Stony Point, New City)
ANNOUNCING BRAND NEW i9 SPORTS® ZIP LACROSSE™ LEAGUE! Is your child ready for something different? A sport that is lightning fast, high-energy, and fun for both boys and girls? i9 Sports® is excited to bring you ZIP Lacrosse™, a new lacrosse format that’s taking the nation ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chika McIntosh (Rockland, Pearl River, Stony Point, New City)
Starting Mach 5th, Hudson Valley Martial Arts and Boxing Academy will conduct a 30 day fitness challenge. This program includes unlimited fitness classes for boxing and kick boxing, our personalized diet and nutrition guide, 1on1 weekly support, weekly weigh in, and private online support ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chika McIntosh (Rockland, Pearl River, Stony Point, New City)
FIELD CLOSURES AND CANCELLATIONS: i9 Sports does not own or operate any sports facilities; we lease space from many private and public facilities within our designated territory. In the event the facilities that we rent are closed for any reason, i9 Sports will notify the affected registrants as soon ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chika McIntosh (Rockland, Pearl River, Stony Point, New City)
Are you looking for things to do at home with your little athlete, but not sure exactly what to do? Check out our At-Home Drill Cardsfor inspiration. These cards give instruction, age range, how many people and equipment needed. They are just a starting point so feel free to make modifications ... Read More
A message from Program Director Chika McIntosh (Rockland, Pearl River, Stony Point, New City)
Sideline Suggestions: Ten Things Kids Say They Don't Want Their Parents to Do 1. Don't yell out instructions. "During the game I'm trying to concentrate on what the coach says and work on what I've been practicing. It's easier for me to do my best if you save instructions and ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
Trying a sport for the first time can be challenging for any kid. Feeling confident about where to stand, when to shoot and what to do can be tough, especially for a child with autism.   But with the help of an encouraging basketball coach and a positive atmosphere at i9 Sports, 11-year-old Zenaiya's ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We are SO THANKFUL for our wonderful customers and want to give you a chance at winning this amazing prize! Enter now to win a $200 Amazon gift card and use it to get a head start on holiday shopping. ENTER HERE! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We want to help kids find a sport or multiple sports they love, but we also want it to remain a fun game with friends! Find out more about why trying and playing multiple sports is an integral part of our programming on our newest blog post! ... Read More
A message from i9 Sports
We understand that kids learn differently at every age. Through our age-appropriate programming, we’ve designed a curriculum for kids to master sports skills, build confidence, develop a love of sports and have fun! Learn more about how we design our sports programming to fit your child’s ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"The friendly atmosphere is very comfortable coaches jasmine and James are wonderful for volleyball "

"Family friendly, consistent schedule."

"I really think the coaches are great! My daughter is (almost) 4, so not only do the coaches need to teach the basics, they need to wrangle young kids who are not very focused. I think they do a terrific job. "

"Love that it teaches skills and drills without the high level of competition that typically surrounds team sports. It's a very positive environment for kids and a wonderful way to learn about a sport without the pressure like other sports programs put on kids."

"My boys are enjoying the flag football this fall. Both teams have great coaches & my boys are having fun with friends. We also like that it’s not a huge commitment-with practice & game being the same day. Works well for our family Thanks for running a great program!"