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We believe that participation in an organized youth sport activity is about more than just kids playing sports; it’s about creating unforgettable experience in organization, convenience, instruction, and fun. Here at i9 Sports – Greater Des Moines we are committed to not only providing your child with a terrific sporting event, but we are also committed to delivering a superior customer service experience to you the parents. I would love it if you and your family chose to join our i9 family!
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Kids have some pretty hilarious, smart, and interesting things to say. We created this fun list of questions for you to ask your kids and hear their thoughts. It's guaranteed to provide some laughs and lots of fun. We look forward to seeing what they say, especially to question #8. That's ... Read More
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“While some of our Senior leagues might offer a boys or girls-only league for a more competitive offering, we recommend kids play coed sports under the age of 10,” said Alli Wentzell, Director of Sports Programming and Education at i9 Sports.  Learn more about why we play coed in our ... Read More
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Trying a sport for the first time can be challenging for any kid. Feeling confident about where to stand, when to shoot and what to do can be tough, especially for a child with autism.   But with the help of an encouraging basketball coach and a positive atmosphere at i9 Sports, 11-year-old Zenaiya's ... Read More
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We want to help kids find a sport or multiple sports they love, but we also want it to remain a fun game with friends! Find out more about why trying and playing multiple sports is an integral part of our programming on our newest blog post! ... Read More
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We understand that kids learn differently at every age. Through our age-appropriate programming, we’ve designed a curriculum for kids to master sports skills, build confidence, develop a love of sports and have fun! Learn more about how we design our sports programming to fit your child’s ... Read More
Why Do Parents Love i9 Sports?

"Fantastic opportunity fir kids to explore sports in a fun educational environment. "

"Love the organization! Teams are small so everyone feels included. Both tball and basketball coaches have done a great job keeping the little kids involved. When we thought we might need to drop out the office was so supportive and explained all our options. We will continue with i9 even after we
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"This is the first time that we played a sport through i9, and we are very impressed with the program! I really appreciate the clear communication regarding schedule. I also appreciate the way that the games are set up. This was my daughter's first time playing volleyball on a team, and i9 was a pe
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"As a parent, I like that the practices are on the same day right before the games. This is helpful for a busy household with multiple children. Also, the sportsmanship values/medals I like because the kids enjoy the medals and at the same time it teaches them about sportsmanship and it's importan
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"I really like how many kids are involved and I think generally the coaches are all there to teach and the kids are there to learn and have fun win or lose."